Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Today in our family bible study we read the first 2 chapters of 2nd Thessalonians. Now, before you jump at my sudden spirituality, allow me to remind you, I AM a Christian, and I DO believe that Jesus is my savior… even perhaps I don’t have that air of a “Christian” about me, and in fact, dislike the term, as it gives off a cliché sort of feeling, a cliché I try to break to prove that Christians do have to fit that cliché mold. However, enough ranting… back to the theological me, not the angry oneJ.

Anyways, we were reading the Bible, and Paul mentions the “lawless one” which some people interpret as a human who will take over the world and proclaim himself God (though I will say that since the Bible doesn’t say this, it is possible that the “lawless one” could be a philosophy or new religion as well as a person, it could also be a country). And I realized something, I found another Biblical Analogy in the wonderful (erm “nightmare”) world of Warhammer 40k.

You see, in 40k, there is this race of ancient beings (why do all sci-fi setting have one?) called the Eldar. Now, the Eldar ruled the galaxy before humanity was in existence. And they still ruled the Galaxy when humanity began to travel about it for the first time. Anyways, well, as with I’d say all decently old races in warhammer 40k, the Eldar fell, in fact, their fall was so important in the history of our galaxy that it is called the Fall, with a big “f”. Why did they fall? Well, they became too focused on pleasure. They went around and did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted, however they wanted. If that meant getting high, they then they did that, and many, many, many other, much more disgusting things.

Some of the Eldar rejected this life-style and they began to build HUGE ships to escape the Eldar Empire.

And what happened to the Eldar as a race? Well, the short story is that their continuous lust for pleasure created a new, powerful warp being, a new chaos god (this gets a bit hard to explain, but, basically, the chaos gods want exactly that, they are known as the Ruinous Powers, as they tend to umm… ruin people). When this Chaos God was “born” it created a rift in at the heart of the Eldar Empire, a rift between the Materium (the realm we exist in) and the Immaterium (also known as the “warp”, the place were the thoughts of humanity become reality, a really, really, freaky place). And also killed about 90% of the Eldar race, the rest escaped in their big ships or somehow managed to survive and continue to this day their disgusting search for pleasure.

Now, how does this be spiritual? Well, you see, in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2, verse 12, “it says, and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” And, as stupid as this may sound, but the picture of the Fall came to my mind as exactly what may happen to the earth. I can imagine a big, huge city like New York were the only desire of everyone in it is to experience some new kind of pleasure, whatever it may be, no matter how perverted.

Anyways… that’s a look into how I view the Bible. And, as disturbing as 40k can be some times (they do go so far as to sometimes quote the Bible or famous Christian quotes and turn them into 40k quotes… which does slightly disturb me), it does have some really good Biblical pictures in it.

Till later.

The masterofweirdness, your supreme (erm… not really) lord, Roy Isaac.

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