Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update... finally... sorry for the delay...

Wow… I haven’t blogged in a while… well… anyways… here I am… time to get typing…

So… what’s happened since then… I got a ton of 40k stuff… I finished Neverwhere (very good book… I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy and/or has lived in London) I went to Baylor University… and umm… ya… lots of stuff.

Anyways… Baylor… it was good… nice campus… seemed like a good school… I guess I’ll be applying to it, assuming I have a chance of actually getting in. The good thing is that all they care about is my SAT/ACT score (which ever I choose to submit) so that’s great. Anyways… next Saturday I’m going to see the Uni of Texas (UT), and I believe the week after this I will visit Mary-Hardin Baylor… so I have a lot of places to visit.

40k… *sigh* I have WAY too many models… and I need to order Jacob’s stuff… that will get complicated… anyways… I need to talk to my mom about that… plus I need to message Ikarus…

Anyways… hmm… what else is new… nothing really… darn… no wonder I haven’t blogged… my life is boring. Lol.

Oh! Before I forget! Fantasy Flight Games, a Board Game and RPG company bought the rights to WFRP and Dark Heresy! Dark Heresy is ALIVE! ALIVE I TELL YOU! (not that it had actually died… but you know what I mean… I think…)

Anyways… so I guess that’s all I have to say about my life…

Friday, February 8, 2008

Dark Heresy.... and other stuff... but mainly... Dark Heresy

You know… I have a lot to talk about… lots of stuff.

First off, I am reading a very good book… I stopped Bitterwood, but I’ll finish it later. Right now I’m reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman… I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy books. Second off… I… got… DARK HERESY! To anyone who likes roleplaying games, dark tales, warhammer 40k, or anything related to any of this, buy this book. While I am not too fond of how the game does it careers, it works, while I’m sure there are some things that could be changed and made less confusing (the psychics rules are messing with me right now… I still haven’t completely gotten how many pychic powers you should get, etc) but, the point is… the game is quite cool. It hits the theme of 40k right at its heart, everywhere. There are some amazing full color and black-and-white artwork that makes me want to grab a pair of autoguns and hunt down the enemies of man.

Anyways... if I ever get to play Dark Heresy I’ve decided that I’m going to play a Hive Wolder Guardsman… some sort of mercenary/IG who has the standard Hive World gear… either dreadlocks or a Mohawk, several tattoos, lots of cigarettes, and a pair of big, archaic, guns. I’ll be the guy who wants the biggest guns possible. You know, the guy who goes a bit insane, but is so amazing in combat? That’s me. Either that, or a man from an Imperial World who has a penchant for sniping… or maybe I’ll play a Tech-Priest from a Hive-World, one who desires only to please Ommissah? Darn… too… many… ideas…

Anyways… what else have I done? Honestly… I don’t know… everything sorta just seems to be well… a faint memory compared to Dark Heresy, rofl.

Anyways… I’ve started as GM on 40kterra… so far I have two guardsmen an a scum, while two of my characters still haven’t figured out what they want quite yet. I think I’m going to get an arbite and something else… not sure what, maybe assassin? Anyways, it’ll be cool….

Oh… in other news, I have devised a political system for a fictional country. Well… I should say that me, Naomi, and Michael did so. It was part of our school work, it was really coolio. Here’s a paragraph that, in brief, describes what we did. Mind you, we’re still not done, we need to work on the economy, and other stuff, but this is a rough draft of how the countries political system should work.

The Country of Freedonia is a combination of five local tribes and various foreigners who have lived within its borders for several generations. Each of these groups (the five Freedonian tribes and the one white “tribe”) will be able to elect members to the Lower House of the Freedonian Congress, one member per 20,000 people in said tribe. This Congress, once assembled, will have one year to organize itself and choose from amongst itself 12 members, two from each tribe, who will form the Higher House of the Freedonian Congress. This Higher House, once elected and put into office, will have the total of six weeks to elect from amongst themselves a President to preside over them, this President will be , for all intents and purposes, considered the Head of the Government of the Freedonia.

Ya… so that was my Civics for last week… it was really fun. I can already see some problems with the government, and not everything we have is noted in that paragraph, so it still needs some work, but, its mostly good. In all honesty, I think that it’s really good.

Oh… also, I bought the 1st book in Tad William’s trilogy (?) Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn… or something like that. Haven’t started it yet, but it looked good, and Brian said that it wasn’t bad… so I’ll be reading it after Bitterwood and Neverwhere…. Darn, I have to many books… I have like… two others I need to read as well… though one of them’s actually a collection of short stories… not an actual book… so I don’t mind just reading random parts of it for awhile.

Ah… well… I need to get to Science… today’s a Friday, so it’s the last day of school… I’m going to enjoy the weekend… the combination of a Laptop and Dark heresy… it’s the closest to Heaven that I may ever get… lol.

See you next time!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I’m a very bad boy.

You see… last night, I watched Lost. Very bad boy.

Of course, it doesn’t help that my mom watched it… but, actually, I think I’m glad… sure, Jack, Sawyer/James, Hugo/Hurley etc are all a bunch of idiots sometimes… but I think I can get over that…

Anyways… not much else to tell you guys… except to watch Lost… join the ranks of the brainwashed and insane, watch Lost, watch Heroes, watch House… you know you want to.

Oh, and above all… DO NOT WATCH AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!! EVIL , EVIL, EVIL! Understand everyone? No one is to watch this evil show.

NOTE: I forgot to post this... it was written on feb 1