Friday, June 22, 2007

Wow... quickie update

Well, I looked at this blog... and realized that I hadn't posted in like 2 weeks...

So, how is my summer? Its fun! I'm playing Evil Genius... (PC game) preparing for RP sessions, and enjoying my involvement with the 4him youth group at church... I go to church 3 times a week now (regular Friday English service... youth music stuff on Thursday and youth group on Friday). Oh, we also play soccer on Saturday.

Also, I'm now gaming more often... you know, going and playing CS: Source at the gaming cafe for really cheap prices. Its all fun.

Also, I am invovled in 2 group stories on the Black Library fan forum... its check it out some time... the fan fiction board has a lot of junk, but also has some good stuff (Rise of the Tau, is a big epic, worth reading if you have the time. Also, a good story I am reading on there is Chaos Orphan, by Monochrome, its pretty gruesome, but very well written). The link to that is:

Anyways... hope all you people (I can use plural... right? right!) are enjoying your summers... I'm enjoying mine!

Signing off for now... Isaac, the (in)famous masterofweirdness

Friday, June 15, 2007



Yes, summer is here, summer is here.

So, now I must figure out what I am going to do for the next few weeks (erm, 2 months or something like that). Besides sleepovers, Rping, Gaming, writing, and the usual stuff, that is.

And yes… Brian comes back next week, Julie (his sister) is already back… so that rocks.

Oh, also, not sure if I’ll actually commit, but I’m starting to learn how to work the sound system at my Church… I’ll talk to Austin (the guy who’s in charge of it now) about helping him set up a few times… which is probably the best way I’ll learn.

Anyways, back to life…

Isaac the masterofweirdness signing out for now.

Monday, June 11, 2007


It’s wet. I mean, it’s very wet.

Of course, since it’s rained yesterday for like… umm 6+hours I not surprised… still, its weird to touch the furniture or the table and realize that you’ve just touched water.

So yes, yesterday Dhaka flooded, my road was bad, but others were worse (knee and waist deep!), but, now the storm has passed over us and its just amazingly humid (like 90% humidity).

And some other stuff… I was really sick of not knowing how to update my Golden Sun files (in this game called Golden Sun: The Lost Age, if you put this password from Golden Sun into the game you get special bonuses and stuff), so I found a website that somehow managed to give me a password… so I updated one of my Golden Sun: The Lost Age files (YA!).

Also, tommorrow, I, Jacob, Michael, Caleb, and Jacob’s friend (whom I never asked what is name is… lol) will go Gaming for like maybe 2 hours… I just need to SMS Caleb and tell him the time (around 11AM). If you don’t know what gaming is… well, since Dhaka does not have Hi-speed internet people go to little “Game Cafés” where you pay to LAN with other people in the Café… people here mainly play Counterstrike Source and Call of Duty 2, though the warcraft mod Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) is also popular in some Cafés.

And ya, that’s about all… time to get on to school, this should be my last day of non-summer school… w00t!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rain and other

“Raining, so much raining.”

These (according to my father) are words I uttered when I was a wee little boy (if you can imagine me, a 6ft tall 15yr old to be little) said during the monsoon. And, joy of joys, the monsoon is now here in full force… it’s been raining since maybe about 4AM… its now just past 10AM…. So yea, it’s raining.

Yesterday was Saturday, which meant that I went to Youth at church… me and the guys went early and played soccer (erm, football) for a few hours, which was really fun. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, I’m not that good at soccer, still, I had an assist, so I guess that means something.

Finally, I’m getting sick of Hasina and her whining… who’s Hasina? Well, Hasina full name is (IRRC) Sheikh Hasina Wajid, she is the head of the Awami League political party.

You see, if you had been paying attention to Bangladeshi Politics, then you should know that right now the current government is not actually a democratically elected government, but an “interim” government created to prepare the polls for the upcoming election.

Well, to make a long story short the first interim government that was created was unfair and tried to rig the polls for the BNP (Bangladesh National Party, the other main political party), which the AL (Awami League) didn’t like, so they protested by shutting the capital down for a few weeks. It worked, and a new interim government was formed, this one backed by the military (which some have interpreted to say that the military is now running the government, which isn’t true).

This government looked at the polls and said that they are totally screwed up, so they are in the process of fixing it. Meaning the elections that were supposed to happen in January 07 probably won’t happen till January 08.

Now, recently, the Fiscal Year ended, which meant that the Government needed to create a new budget. Now I didn’t read that carefully, but apparently Hasina didn’t like the budget… in the paper to day she made some dumb comment about the budget not being “acceptable” because the government that created it was not “democratically elected” (however, one should ask which government is more corrupt, the democratically elected BNP government of the last 5 years, or the current one… the answer is the BNP, which is strange). And well, to put it mildly, Hasina needs to shut up, everyone’s sick of her whining. I mean, a few months ago she was jumping for joy because she had stopped a rigged election, and now she’s jumping in anger because there is going to be a “free and fair” election that is actually going to be “free and fare”.

And so yes, that is life here in Bangladesh.

Oh, on another note, one of the older Youth dudes (as in, guys from my 4him Youth Group), Elvis is in Dhaka on Summer Holiday, which rocks.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Math Test

Well, I seem to be writing a lot of short blog entries these days… and well, here’s another one…

I GOT A 92! YA!!!!

On what you ask? Well, on my final Math Exam… this pushes my grade up to between a 89.6 to a 90… so, I’m very happy.

As for the rest of life… well, nothing to report really, life’s good… my foot’s much better (turns out that the whole, “wheel going over your foot” thing isn’t as bad as I thought it was), and I should be done 90% of my school (and hence my regular school schedule… though I’ll have a tiny bit of summer school) will be done by the end of this week (Thursday, it’s a bit compliated to explain why my schedule runs on a Sunday-Thursday schedule… but it does).

Oh, and Caleb will be coming tommorrow… which is good news. However, he will only be here for a week because his family is going to Samoa soon… so that’s bad news.

Oh, besides Caleb, Brian will be coming soon as well… I think he’ll arrive the last week of June, which is still a while away, but, that’s really not that bad… since I’ll have time to hang-out with my friends that live in Dhaka (Jacob, Julius, and Maxim).

Anyways… that’s all I guess.

Monday, June 4, 2007

My car - broken

Well, my car broke down.

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention it broke down on Airport road (the big road in Dhaka) with us inside it! And, when pushing the car home, in order to avoid being hit by a rickshaw, I turned sideways, put my foot under the car… and got it run over by the back wheel!

So, now not only am I (again!) without a car, but I have a very hurt foot!

Still, I suppose I can be grateful of several things.

  1. I have no broken bones in my foot
  2. We had pizza from the American Club that night!
  3. I am still alive (we stalled in the middle of the road, and that means we could have been hit by a truck or bus).

Still, I am again without a car, which is sorta annoying…

Anyways… back to normal life.