Monday, July 21, 2008

Its now 9:27AM, my friend Brian is asleep in my bedroom (where I am) and I am listening to Disturbed’s Indestructible Album. On headphones, of course. So far, it’s amazing, in the unique Disturbed way.

Anyways… Brian came over yesterday afternoon, and we played Devil May Cry 4 (FREAKING SWEET GAME!!!!!!!) and Sins of a Solar Empire, both of which he gave to me. Devil May Cry 4…. Or DMC4 since I can’t be bothered to write out that entire name every time. The game is quite simple, kill demons as stylishly as possible with a wide variety of weapons. Unlike the older DMC games you play as a new dude, Nero, instead of Dante. Nero has three weapons, a demon arm, Red Queen, his sword, and Blue Rose, is double barreled Revolver. Oh, and the graphics kick serious butt… at a level I cannot describe… much better than anything I’ve ever seen, EVER. I am so glad I have the PC I have…

Sins of a Solar Empire… good fun. It’s a combination of Homeworld and Galactic Civilizations, which is basically a Civilization game in space. But, unlike Galactic Civilizations, Sins of a Solar Empire actually is fun. Plus its RTS, which is much better than Turn based.

So… Sins of a Solar Empire… you start with one planet, build up your fleet, take new planets, asteroids and the like and then fight off against the other Solar Empires, which tend to be quite difficult to destroy. See, combat in this game takes a LONG time, between tons of frigates and cruisers, and then a bunch of capital ships, if your opponent decides to attack you, the battle can take 30 minutes on-and-off, as you send more ships into the battle, and they do the same. Most likely all it means is you’ll lose the planet and have to fight for it for the rest of the game. At least, that was my experience. I lost my first game… but it wasn’t all that bad… I enjoyed myself. Mainly, it was the stupid pirate fleets that pwned me, because well… they were rather good.

I hate myself and my silly internet… I wrote this… a week ago? And only now have I been able to (well, remembered) to upload it… anyways… enjoy, readers of my blog!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I have been neglecting this blog recently… not sure why… lots of things, mostly not a lot to exciting has happened.

Anyways… what has happened? Well, I had a sleepover with Brian last weekend that was fun. We watch a scary movie (and I stopped paying attention to it half-way through… because it was scary) talked (about everything) and played a game of Settlers of Cataan, and a game of the card Trading game, Timestream. I lost both of themL. To be honest, I was expecting as much, Settlers… Brian is VERY good in Settlers, and Timestream, to be honest, I just got bad luck. If I had gotten some better cards I could have managed a victory, but I didn’t, and just as I was recoverying from my defeat, he beat me. Still it was fun, Brian, in case you didn’t know, has now officially graduated from Hebron School in South India, and will be attending the University of Chicago in September. I’m happy for him, he’s done well in school and I’m sure he’ll do equally well, if not better in College.

Also… DOTA… I’ve been playing DOTA a bit more and I must say I’ve improved. It’ll take a while, but I believe that I can make my way up to the point where, eventually, me and Jacob can take on 5 insane AIs and win. Not to say that this goal is close, but it’s there. I’d say it’s like 6 months down the road of serious DOTA playing.

Today, Caleb comes over, which is great. Also, I’ll play DOTA with Jacob, Derek, and their friends… so I’ll have a good time.

Oh, looking over my schedule for next year, I suppose I’ll give you my list of courses:

Advanced Algebra (Algebra II) with Potter’s School

Advanced Composition with Potter’s School

Latin II with Potter’s School


Programming I (with Potter’s School)

Art History (1 Semester)


Yep… now while that may not sound like a lot, it is… Advanced Composition… one essay a week… I’ll survive, but will my sanity? :D. Algebra II I’m not so worried about, I can do math, and I did good in Algebra, I’m hoping that I can manage another 90 overall in this course, hopefully even better (it’d be nice to be able to get a GPA of like 3.7 overall for Highschool). Chemistry… I won’t enjoy Chemistry so much but it’s the last High School science course I’ll have to take, and that will help me… Latin II well, let’s just say I’m hoping I can survive the course! Programming I want to do, and I hope its fun. PE is required, and I don’t mind it, and Art History, well, its only a half-credit, and I need to take it, so what to do…

That’s all for now… I’ll try to upload this blog entry soon, it was written on the 9th, in case you were wonderings.