Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Update on summer life

Dude… it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog… so, what is my life like?

Well, first of all, I’m enjoying playing lots of video games… DOTA… CS… Supreme Commander… Oblivion, those are the ones I’m playing.

In, fact, I’ve decided to form a CS Clan… yes, I, Isaac, the masterofweirdness, will be a member of a CS Clan, possibly the first of its kind in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Which rocks.

So, who are the members of this clan? Well… so far we have 5 definite members, 1 temporary member, and will hopefully get a 6th soon. They are: Masterofweirdness (me!) Deathwalker (Jacob, one of my best friends), Cyborg Lancer (Jacob’s friend) Bloodsucker (Jacob’s other friend) Paradon (my bro, Michael), Scintus (my friend, Brian, who goes to a boarding school in India).

So, I need to talk to Jacob, and have a “clan meeting” with all of our members… figure out some basic plans, tactics and the like, then we can try and find 6 on 6 matches in some of the bigger game cafes… who knows, maybe we will become famous (at least, in the Bangladeshi Gaming Scene)… I can just imagine it now… my paper in the weekly youth section of the Daily Star (man… that would so rock!).

Ya, so that’s CS.

Oh, clan name (at least, the only suggestion we have) so far is Unholy Retribution.

And also, I’ve been playing DOTA… which is cool, not really amazing, but its fun. Then of course there is Supreme Commander… which totally rocks.

Supreme Commander, is basically, this huge mega game where maps are like from 4KM^2 to 81KM^2… freaky huh?

So ya, its all about HUGE armies… with unit caps at like 1000. Armies are usually sized at 20-100… and that’d just be one attack force.

Obviously, the main part of the game is land battles… but, it does a good job of giving naval and aerial combat a lot of space. The only thing about this is Naval units are limited (because they are well… ships!) and airplanes (no helicopters… unless gunships count) are very vulnerable to anti-air defenses. Of course, if you can destroy them in the first wave of bombers… then you can do pretty good I suppose… but that’s a big if.

One of the things that makes Supreme Commander so different than most RTS games is that defenses are VERY powerful. Generally speaking, the best way to destroy a defensive building is to outrange it, no joke. Okay, so ya, you could try and attack them with 100+ tanks or something… and while that would be SO fun, it’s not practical.

Anyways… that’s my life.

Oh, and I just recently got Zoegirl’s final Album from my sister’s friend… it’s not Heavy Metal… but well… it’s pretty good.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Wow... another quick update

Yep, I've been lazy in updating this blog, so well, lemme try again.

Brian came back, and that's cool. I slept over at his place this weekend.

Matt Kain's back, and we've been playing Football/Soccer at church before 4him, that's real fun.

I'm playing Oblivion again, which rocks.

I finally got the Wacraft III mod, DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), which rocks.

I've decided to try and go for a Play By Post Roleplay, so that I can actually see what its like (sorta) to play a character in Roleplaying.

So ya, that's what I'm doing now.