Sunday, February 22, 2009


You know what’s kinda sad? Read the following:

Bye Bye Beautiful
The Islander
Cadence of Her Last Breath

You know what that is? That’s my top 5 songs (all preformed by Finnish Symphonic metal band Nightwish). :P Which is really weird, because, if you talked to me about music you’d expect me to be a complete Nightwish Freak who only listens to Nightwish, especially their newest album.

What funny though is that I’m actually not. I actually prefer music like Killswitch Engage, Demon Hunter, As I Lay Dying, Iron Maiden, Dio, and various Powermetal type bands. I LOVE Nightwish, don’t get me wrong, and they ARE a good band, but I don’t obsess about them to an unnatural level (like some people I know…)

Still, I do have to admit, at least three of those songs (the top 3) really do deserve those places. If I had to pick another two though I’d replace Eva (which I really don’t actually like… lol) with probably Alexander the Great by Iron Maiden (EPIC GUITAR SOLO!!!!!!) and Cadence of Her Last Breath with End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage (AMAZING MELODIES!!!!!).

So… in case you’re not on Facebook (which I think most people reading this blog are…) I thought I should tell you: I have purple hair.

Actually, it’s more pinkish, but it was purple hair dye. It looks cool. I did it for the upcoming AG Kid’s Camp where a bunch of us (read: my family, Julius, Max, Sarah, Derek and maybe Jo) are all dying are hair purple… THE PURPLE PEOPLE ARE HERE! :D

Also… we played DotA on Friday, my team won 3 out of 4 games. This is really cool because I’m used to being the loser. I mean… my team has won MOST games. Then again… I think this might have something to do with me always being with Derek. That or I’ve just gotten really good… and I don’t think this is the case.

And I can’t think of anything else to post… and I need to do something else, so I’ll stop writing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend and Winter Break

Weekends are really fun… this weekend was no exception.

I didn’t have to do anything at DIA (the service I’ve normally been going to) so I slept in a few minutes and went with my family to AG Maghbazar.

Good service, mostly. Pastor Freek (pronounced frek, NOT Freek like I thought when I was a little kid. I laughed so hard when I first read his name…) spoke and it was a good sermon. His sermons used to be really bad, but he’s gotten much better and presenting himself. The message was really good too.

Afterwards we went to the Club and had lunch. We had pizza. Then, as we did last week we went to the game café to play some DotA!

Friday night, I got my SAT scores back… *sigh* the entire “getting into college” thing really stresses me out. My scores were good, I mean, obviously they could have been better but I’m not an idiot and I didn’t bomb or anything. I’ll take the SAT again in May and the ACT I’ll take in April. Hopefully between the three exams I’ll get a good score that’ll get me into Baylor. If not, if not I’m applying elsewhere.

And no, Brian, there is no chance I’ll be going to Chicago. Sorry. The scores weren’t near high enough.

So, we managed to play 2 full games and two half-games… the two half games were interrupted because of power issues. Stupid country and no generators. Anyways, it was amazing. I played as Dwarven Sniper the last game and… I OWNED! By the end of the game, I was beyond godlike IIRC. I think I made a triple kill too.

On Saturday instead of 4him we played Volleyball and Soccer (football). Volleyball was good, soccer less so but I did enjoy it. I enjoyed myself all around.

And I have winter break this week so I’ll be very lazy and do as little productive work as possible. :P

Monday, February 9, 2009

February Update

So… what have I done recently?

Well, first off its my sister’s B-day today, which is cool, she’s 16 (SO OLD! :p). I think she doesn’t want to get any older, but remain eternally a 16 year old struggling over chemistry, geometry and English II. :P I want to get older (well… till I turn about 23… then I want to stop).

I played DotA at the café with my friends on Friday. It was amazing. We played two games, first game was all random (computer randomly picks 1 hero for you to play). That was kinda annoying (I got treant… I hate treant. I can play him, but I hate him. :P). The 2nd game was Single Draft (SD) where you can pick from three different random heroes. I played Viper.. who I really didn’t like that, but hiser/it was a good hero. I think what made that game slightly annoying was the fact that everyone always killed me. We still won (possibly BECAUSE they killed me instead of other heroes), so that was good I guess.

The best thing about these games was that we had, for the first time ever, a full five on five match. That made the game really good, because I mean, DotA is MEANT to be played with ten people. It makes the game SO much better.

What else… Camp is in a week. What’s camp? Well, its basically where my Church (AG Maghbazar) takes a bunch of kids (between 150-200… depends on how many register) to a place outside of Dhaka where we divide into teams compete against each other for some random prizes and learn about God (emphasis on the God part). It’s awesome. More or less the goal for us (the councilors… I’m a junior counselor for my 3rd year running) is to keep the kids in check and very tired. We don’t get much sleep (on purpose. :P).

Camp is always awesome because: A) we have fun B) we learn about God in some AWESOME ways. Every year I’ve been to camp I’ve experienced God in a new way. I’m hoping this will be the best one yet.

Oh, I’m dying my hair purple for Camp. :P I’ll post pictures after I do it.

What else… I’ve started playing Oblivion, which is good. I now have a high level character who’s done good in a lot of quests. I have Orcish armor, a glass sword and a dwarven shield (steel helmet still… but I’m working on that! Helmets are hard to find).

And… oh, I’m reading Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Weis and Hickman for a book report I need to do later in the school year. I may not be able to finish it before the report, but I’ve read the book before so that shouldn’t be a problem.