Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, I’m bored.

Okay, I’m not actually bored, I just don’t have any decent PC games to play.

I should try and win HL2: Episode One, but, it tends to freeze my PC and I’m not all that fond of playing the whole game all over again.

I could continue Total Annihilation, but, it gets a bit old pretty fast.

I probably will continue to play DoW: Dark Crusade, it’s a fun game and I enjoy playing the space marines, Grey Knights are cool, even if they don’t add anything to the game and are, background wise at least, probably not going to fight with Space Marines very often.

And so, I’ll probably continue playing the most entertaining game I have right now, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, a GBA game I have for my PC. How does that work? Well, my friend Jacob has this technology and P2P software that allows him to put GBA files on his PC, I went over to his house, copied the files to a USB Stick and then put them on my computer.

Now, onto FF. Final Fantasy Tactics advanced is a Grid Turn Based RPG. What does that mean? Well first of all, it isn’t realistic. Units determine when they move by how fast they are (initiative and speed or something similar) as well as how many actions they used (up to a maximum of 2, moving and then using a ability like fight or a class specific power). Grid means the map is a grid, think of a piece of graphing paper, where a unit is placed in a square… only with some 3D things to think about such as height (which is really important for units who used ranged weapons like archers and gunners (yes, there are gunners)).

The game is fun, the story isn’t amazing, and the combat system isn’t new, what is cool is the class (jobs in this game) system.

You see, every race has some basic “jobs” humans have the most, while bangaa (lizard men, but they look more like dogs) have the least (I’m not sure what the other races are called, you have moogles, which have wings and technology, people with bunny ears and then some weird thing who I have no idea how to describe). Each job has different abilities, archers have ranged attacks, black mages have ranged offensive powers, white mages have ranged defensive powers (like cure, protect and such) solders have random melee powers (which aren’t that useful). Also, each class has different stats, thieves are fast, and warriors are slow.

Then you have more powerful special classes, like fighters, templars, paladins, ninjas, and snipers, and after that I think you get even more powerful, but, I never made it that far.

Anyways… that’s what’s keeping me sane these few days, hopefully it’ll tide me over till Brian comes back and I can play more of Oblivion.

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