Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've been negelecting this blog. I'm sorry for those of you who are missing my updates.

Anyways... so what have I been doing?

I finished Tyranny of the Night by Glen Cook (if you like Glen Cook, read it. If not, try his first novel: the Black Company, first) and started Dune this week (dune appears decent)

I've been playing Mount and Blade a lot.

I've been doing lots of school. Argh. I feel like I have this mountain of homework that doesn't ever get any smaller, just bigger. Really frustrating sometimes.

And... and nothing special.

Also, everyone should go and listen to Wanderer by Elvenking (its somewhere on Youtube). That song is one of the greatest songs ever.

Random Thought of the Day: The reason that I like Heavy Metal is because Heavy Metal guitarists and keyboardists solo. A lot. Not enough Rock musicians solo, or if they do its not often enough. A good album should have like 10 songs and at least 5 solos, preferably 10. If at all possible the solos should 4 minutes long (yes, I don't mind 8 minute long songs. One of the best songs I've ever heard is 14 minutes. The Poet and the Pendulum is brilliant).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dota and God

So I played dota today; first GOOD games I've played in like a month or so.

First game was five on five, me and my friends against some other guys in the cafe. We lost, very badly. the game lasted seventy minutes because they messed around with us (plus we got two really good ganks on them that were amazing) and let us see if we could win with two of our lanes destoryed; we couldn't.

And now, it wasn't completely our fault... they had broodmother and she was FREAKING VICIOUS. In ten minutes she destroyed the 2 mid lane towers. Her creeps owned us. After about twenty minutes into the game I realized that this wouldn't have been a problem if I had picked Pit Lord or my bro had played and picked Lich or some AoE Intel dude (who was practing for his first "concert" with some friends).

Second game was three-on-three. I played Treant Protector, Saad and Derek played Rhasta and Voidwalker repectively. We one that one, though it took us some time. Essentially we one because their carry, Bone Fletcher, was played by Mukit and we all knew how to counter Mukit's Bone Fletcher; late game he just wasn't that big of a threat. Then, we'd combine ultis in late game and people would just DIE. 2 Overgrowths (I had refresher), Chrono, and Serpent War... three heroes dead easily. We had to build up, but it worked out very well.

On a somewhat more important note: the pastor gave an excellent sermon today. Very good sermon. I think two things he mentioned that need to be repeated over and over again: If the Gospel is so important, why do only foreigners follow it? And if the gospel is so important why do Christians only share it with the poor (not entirely true, but I will say the mission organizations here in Dhaka do very little with the Upper Class - its all about the poor).