Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter Week

Well, my Easter Holiday was fun. Two sleepovers and lots of Video Games, namely, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, NFL Street, and Counterstrike: Source (CS).

First, Easter Sunday, I enjoyed fooling around and then going to the Dressners for Easter Sunday Dinner, Brian and Julie in a break from the norm because Julie was homesick, instead of spending their Mid-term break in India came to BD for the week, which meant I got to have a sleepover with Brian, and play Oblivion.

After a few hours of sleep and more Oblivion, we had breakfast and then went to a gamecafe (a place with like 6-12 PCs linked up on a LAN connection where you pay money to play video games) to play CS with Jacob and Caleb, plus Brian.

That was fun, we played for 2 hours, and I found out that while Caleb was mediocre at CS, Jacob kicked butt. He had mastered the art of headshots and tended to smash us with a lot of SMG fire before we could blast back.

Then I borrowed Oblivion and didn’t do much else for the week, which was fun, by the time I had to give it up I was almost lvl 9, focused on my fighting with Blunt weapons (not sure why they’re called blunt, but basically maces and axes versus bows, and then blade weapons which are knives and swords), with a bit of healing and destruction magic thrown in for good measure, on and I’m an orc, which is sorta weird but I like it.

Then I learned that Matt, who had also come to Dhaka for Mid-Term Break, was having an early 17th B-day party (its scary to realize that him and Brian will be Seniors next year… very scary). That was fun, we went to the club, played soccer and water polo, played Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, and NFL Street, then woke up to go to Church.

And well, yep, that was, in brief, my week, now its but back to school for another month and a half, then SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^ That was fun :p.

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