Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SAT Practice Test

I just took my first Practice SAT… very interesting experience.

First off, the Essay, and all the various English bits won’t be that hard on the real thing. If I work really hard I can get a very good score. However, the math… that math will be hard…

Let’s put it this way, there were three sections in the math section of the SAT, all of them were about a problem a minute. The first two, I did decent in, not amazing, but I wouldn’t say I did bad… that last one… I did horrid. Okay, I was tired (darn the test is draining!) and I couldn’t think properly, but still, if it had been a real exam, I would have been in trouble.

I still haven’t gotten my results yet, but I should have them in by the end of the day. I’ll write about my results and what I need to improve on them later.

Overall, it was a good experience, the book has another 8 of these “practice tests.” I’ll probably take at least one more, if not two, as well as the PSAT later on this year. I’m planning on taking the SAT in May 09.

The thing that I think is really good about this test is that it shows me how much TPS has helped me. All the problems on the SAT I could have, if given the right amount of time, and some extra preparation (I basically took the test cold) could have been answered and I would have been confident of my answers. Only the math section was really challenging, I had really been panicking about the Essay, but it turned out to be quite easy. And, while the quality of what I wrote probably wasn’t as good as the one Essay I wrote in English 9 that got a 100 (yes, I did manage to get an A+).

Umm… I need to go gaming, I’ll write more later.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random stuff... an update

Well, once again, WCG (World Cyber Games) has come and gone in the wonderful land of Bangladesh. This year, they actually had two tournaments before going off to the finals in some other land (this year, Germany). And, once again, I missed it…

Not that there was anything I could do. I mean, they FINALLY got Counter Strike v1.6 to be played here, but I have no clan to play with… unless you count me, Nathan, Jacob, Michael and maybe one of Jacob’s friends. And sorry, that’s the lamest excuse for a clan I’ve ever seen, since none of us are any good. Okay, I know how to play counter strike. I can play with a SMG, pistol, most rifles (no snipers) and am smart enough to use frag and flash grenades. But, against a real pro, I don’t stand chance.

Of course, assuming that we get DOTA to be played next year, I might actually stand a chance. First off I’d have to get a clan, but that would be easy… me, Michael, Derek, Jacob, one of Derek’s friends. It’d actually be a pretty decent clan, since we actually know what we are doing. Of course we’d have to practice and get our own heroes (a stunner, a killer, a tanker, a farmer, another stunner probably…). Something like: Earthshaker, Spiritbreaker, Centaur, Razor/Drow, Dragonknight… good combination, IMO.

What else… well, 4him was good as always. We had a good time of worship and a very good message, as well as some fun games. Getting home was a pain, but it was a holiday the next day, so the amount of traffic and the lack of transport was kinda expected… still, it wasn’t fun.

And so, with not much else to talk about, I’m going to talk about Talisman. Talisman is good, it’s a bit 2D because all you seem to do is kill various enemies, and team up with other people to kill various enemies. You can duel, but that is only so entertaining…

On the upside, it is fun killing stuff, level up, report to my master (Derek, the guy who got me into this game) and then kill more stuff. I enjoy it. It’s not WoW, or Everquest, or Guild Wars, but it is free, I can play it on my internet speed, and my friends play it. So… I guess, for a free game, it gets my approval.

Okay, off to read my book… write more later.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

School now...

Well, last week I started school. Okay… its not as much school as I will have once Potter’s School starts, but still, I started school.

Also, I went gaming on Thursday. And, furthermore, was told about a game called Talisman by Derek.

Oh, and the Stouts are back, and Charles and Chase are in 4him… its nice. We’re also going to try and get Audrey to come to 4him, but that will be easier said than done… she does her homework on Sat. evenings…

And so… gaming… gaming is fun… I like DOTA. We several games, none of which we actually finished (stupid PCs weren’t working properly!). But it was still fun, I played Stormspirit and Earthshaker for the first time in those games. Both heroes were actually quite good, Earthshaker I wouldn’t want to play to much, since he is a more of an advanced hero… but Stormspirit, if I can get a build for him, then he actually looks like quite a good hero.

Oh, and I also played Dragon Knight in our final game. Dragon Knight, you know, he really is just an amazing hero. Give him arcane ring, boots of speed, maybe a bracer or two, and then Heart, and he is an absolute monster! All he needs is another nuker/stunner and he will kill any hero one on one. Furthermore, I like heroes that have high armor… it’s fun to watch a lvl 12 hero with 1000 HP pwn someone with 2000 HP… just because their attacks don’t do any damage.

And Talisman… Talisman is supposed to be a fun MMORPG, which Derek plays. Jacob said he’d download it and then give it to me, then him, me, Michael, and Derek could all play together. Also, I asked Derek about the Cracked version of World of Warcraft, and he said it wasn’t very good, not patched correctly, buggy, and had no players… so I guess I won’t be playing on that server.

What else did I do… well… I tried to win Moo Moo town, but that didn’t work so well. Also, I played a game of Civ 4. I think I was going to lose, but I’m not sure, Egypt got ahead of me in technology, and I could tell that there was no way I was going to win a diplomatic victory, since I need Germany’s vote, and had no way to gain it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School is back!

Well… yesterday was the last day of my summer holiday. It was a good day, I enjoyed myself, but… summer is gone…

Not to say I hate school… school is good… it just… is so hard… so much work… much less free time… I DON’T GET TO PLAY DOTA ALL DAY LONG!!!!!! NO!!!!

But don’t worry… I’m not up to my neck in school work yet… that won’t happen until Potter’s School starts. Still, Latin, Literature (as Advanced Comp. doesn’t have any Lit.) and Chemistry…

What else… well… not much… all my boarding school friends and Brian (who is now a college friend) have left. Some left on Saturday, some on Sunday, and one yesterday morning. Its sad, but I’m used to saying good-bye to them, I’ve been doing it since 7th Grade (or 8th…. I can’t remember) and it’s gotten easier each year I suppose. Sometimes its harder than others, but this year it was quite easy.

Also, I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to try to play World of Warcraft… which should be interesting… we can get a pirated copy and play on a pirated server… so it should be fun… might not work perfectly, but who knows?

And I can’t think of anything else to write about… shame really…. I like to write so much.

I’ll give you guys a full update of my what I’ve been doing for school later… for now… chemistry is calling.

Edit: Okay, I'm done school, its almost 9PM now, first day of school was good. Only thing I can say is that we need to speed up the time we spend on experiments... it took us far to long to do two short experiments... the reading was easy, it was all review from last year (or the year before that...).

Anyways... I think we're gonna watch naruto soon...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Small Update

I really should blog more...

Anyways... just a quick update. I start non-potter's school next week, I'll just be doing a little bit of latin, reading and chemistry, but still, it will be the end of summer. :( Potter's School starts in Sept, so I have a while before the workload really kicks in.


I'm happy. :P :D

Brian will be coming over today for our final sleepover. It should be fun. He leaves before I start school... thats kinda sad. Still, I'll see him this Christmas, so its not to bad. Caleb will leave soon too, along with Toby, and I'll miss them. Still, most of my friends have now graduated or are living in Dhaka... I'll just have to get over not seeing the ones that have graduated (I get this strange, sad feeling that I may never see Andrew B. or Matt again...) Caleb Meyer will be staying for a few months, so that will be nice, I'll enjoy spending some time with him.

And, that is all for now. Nothing much has happened. Write more later.