Sunday, January 7, 2007

Diary Entry

Jan 07, 2007

Diary of Isaac, the masterofweirdness

Well, it’s a new year! Ya, I suppose most of you already know this, but nonetheless allow me to give you a hearty (though late) new year’s greetings, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

How’s my year been? Well, pretty good, my 14th year (I turned 15 that year, but since I’m born on Nov 2nd, my well, lets just say that it was my 14th year) was interesting. My first year of High School, and the beginning of my Online Math Class with Potter’s School (Christian Online school, really good, going to take their English next year plus math). Also, I have been doing History of God’s Kingdom for High School history, and that combined with a 4him had made me realize how much I know ABOUT Christianity, and that in fact, I know more than some of the older guys there.

Summer too, was good. I enjoyed spending time with my family in the states, all what, 23? 24? cousins and their eighteen parents. The only sad thing perhaps is that my Dad’s sister’s (his only sibling) has pretty much fallen apart, which is hard on her youngest son, Jacob, as he really need’s him.

But what about next year, or should I say this year? Well, winter’s here in full force, though I should probably put quotes around winter, as its only about 5 or 6 Celsius at the coldest. Also, as school starts up again (/cry) two of my Boarding School friends have left (Matt Scott and Caleb Schmidt) back for Thailand and their school there (again, /cry). Luckily we all got together on Thursday and Friday to party; all night Thursday, all day Friday.

And what of anything else, plans for the coming year? Well, I don’t have that much. I’ll be in Thailand in Feb. Changmai, to be specific, which will allow me to see Matt and Caleb before this summer! YA!! But, I’ll probably have an extended school year, as I we are planning on going to the states in Spring 08, which is a mixed blessing. It means I’ll be in town for both this summer, Christmas, AND next summer and (hopefully) Christmas, so all my boarding friends and I can enjoy time together.

Speaking of that, I just realized that next summer will probably be Brian Dressner’s (another friend of mine, perhaps I should list them and their ages?) last visit here… how sad, he’ll be going off to college while I still have another two years of High School, and he’ll probably be half way across the US when I get to college.

But enough of this rambling, I need to get back to school, I think I’ll start with math, I have class tomorrow, first class of the year.

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