Friday, January 26, 2007

Computer Troubles/More 40k stuff

Well, today I went shopping for a new graphics card, sadly, my old one is dying. Oh, it still works, just as long as you don't play any computer games... I think that describes how badly its broken.

Anyways, so I finally wadded through the technical garbidigoop and such on and, finally figuring out I need 130 US dollars... which my parents don't have, and won't have for a while (I have the money, but don't want to spend it on that... just yet).

Anyways, I should have a new graphics card by June/July, maybe earlier if I fork up some of the money.

Meanwhile, I talked to my friend Jacob, a local Bengali who's preparing to take his O Level (Equal to completing the first 2 years of American High School) exams May 2008, because of this he'll be studying 7 days a week, I'll only be seeing him at youth and church, that's twice a week, and during MY holidays, I won't be able to game with him at the local game cafes (its sooo cool, its about 30 cents an hour and we can play Starcraft, Warcraft, CS:Source, and CoD2).

Anyways, maybe I should start writing that 40k history bit on the Horus Heresy... or perhaps an overview of the 20 first founding legions of the space marines... yes, I think I'll do that right now, starting with my favorite legion, the Space Wolves.

But wait! What are space marines? Ahhh... yes, I must telleth ye this.

Space Marines are, simply put, kick a** warriors. They're, depending on the source between 7-8 foot tall, they fight in special armor called power armor, which is, overall, the best armor in the Imperium of Man, and despite its ancientness, some of the best armor in the entire galaxy.

They are armed with boltguns, which come in 4 types, bolt pistols, bolt guns, storm bolters, and heavy bolters. Basically you can read that list as Pistol, SMG/rifle LMG, and HMG. Bolt guns fire "bolts," which are like armor piercing rounds that use the same technology that modern Abrams Tanks use to pierce armor. On top of this, milliseconds after the round has pierced the enemy, it explodes. One of these through the head of a normal human means no more head on said human.

On top of this, marines are smarter, stronger, faster and better than humans, and can live to upto 500 years. (most only get to about 20 I'd say). They live in constant battle, if they're not fighting, they training for said fighting.

The Emperor made oringally, 20 generals, who, were called his sons (and considering at his weakest moment he obliterated one of them, thats how powerful he is, they're just a fraction of this power, but still, thats amazingly powerful).

Anyways, he was planning on having these guys lead his armies, but then, suddenly, they were taken from his lab on Terra and scattered about the galaxy. This happened you see, because the Chaos Gods knew that he wanted to end their reign over humanity, so they used their power to take these creations, still infants, and put them on strange worlds, some of which are known as death worlds because of their lethality.

But, the Emperor didn't stop his genetic work. He had genetic samples for each of his primarchs, and he used this to create the 20 Space Marine Legions. As I have said, he armed them with weapons from mars, and send them across the galaxy on ships from Luna. Then they began the Great Crusade, an war that lasted for a long time (I think maybe 200+ years).

Over time, these legions were reunited with their primarchs, and the primarchs lead their legions, fighting on the front of the line of battle. Of these twenty, for reasons unknown, only 18 are known of, the other 2 legions have no data on them. In the next few blog entries I hope to add details about every one of these 18 primarchs.

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