Sunday, January 14, 2007

Blog Entry - Bengali Politics

Well all (errm... Brian). Its been a while... sorta.

Bangladesh, after almost 3 months of strife and semi-anarchy is almost back to norma again. You see, in BD, every 5 years they hold general elections, but, three months before hand the ruling party is supposed to hand over power to a "neurtal" caretaker government.

Well, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its 4 party alliance handed power over to the president (NOT THE PERSON THEY SHOULD HAVE!) AND the president didn't help whatsoever, making a bad siduation worse.

So what did the BNP's main rivals, the Awami League (AL) do? They protested in typical Bengali fashion, with hartal (general strike) after hartal and even shut the capital down(by not letting any trucks or such move in or out of the city) a few times.

Finally, a few days ago, the president resigned as head of the caretaker government and they signed in some bank dude who everyone (except perhaps the BNP, who liked the president, who was a BNP dude) likes. And now, we're probably back to a normal life.

Oh, and BTW, I've decided to try and write a novel, I'll post up the first chapter when it gets done, it should be like 1,500 words. Or you can check it out at 40k Terra, here:

That's all for today! Once again, if you are reading this, LEAVE A COMMENT, I CANNOT STRESS HOW MUCH I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW SOMEONE IS READING THIS!

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garrem1 said...

Aunt Mary here...I read a lot of your blogs, but I didn't read any of your bios on your fanasty people, or your novel. I enjoyed learning about your through your writing. Keep it up!
Aunt Mary