Wednesday, January 24, 2007

History of 40k

Yet more 40k stuff:

A brief history of Humanity from the 20th Millennium onward:

Okay, the 20th Millennium was a time of technological advancement. In this time, humanity had some of the greatest weapons and tech in the galaxy, only bested by the Eldar (which though are basically are Space Elves are a lot cooler than that) and the then dormant Nercons (Terminator/Zombies who suck out our souls for their evil C’tan masters to eat). This Age of Technology (now called the “Dark” age, by the Imperium, even though it wasn’t, and in fact, life was better then than it is in the 40th millennium).

But then, as humanity began to evolve (as in, like mutants in X-men), Warp Storms began to become much more frequent, making faster than light (FTL) travel impossible covered most of humanities colonies. Luna, Terra, and Mars (The Moon, Earth and Mars, if you don’t know Latin), were no longer in contact with their colonies. While Terra feel into chaos and anarchy were techno-barbarians ruled supreme, Mars and I think (not sure) Luna were able to survive this so called Age of Strife.

Then, after all his years of remaining behind the scenes, the Emperor finally emerged. For years he had, under the surface of the earth creating his army of Space Marines and their “fathers” the Primarchs (super-uber-coolio guys who are really, really, really, powerful). He used this army to conquer Terra and then, sent them out into space. He forged alliances with Mars, and their technology (Mars in fact, worshiped machines and the ultimate creations) and Luna and their space ships (Luna and its people are the only people able to fly a ship at FTL speed). With his army equipped and ready to travel through space he conquered the Galaxy.

And thus began the Great Crusade, and time of heroes, myths and legends (which is why we don’t have a lot of information on it). The Space Marines, and their fathers, the Primarchs along with the Imperial Army (the father of the Imperial Guard and Navy, this is where all us normal humans worked if we wanted to be in the military). And the Titans of Mars (titans are huge walkers that have all sorts of guns) conquered all human planets that refused to accept the Emperor as their master.

But it was too good to last…

(AKA, find out what happened later at this blog, or google search Horus Heresy… or look it up on wikipedia).

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