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Okay, once again, I’m going to say that I lied. I won’t be doing bios on all the Primarchs, just my favorites… and Horus.

Which are my favorites? Good question…. I’d have to say, that, the top 4 favorite Primarchs of mine (that makes five including Horus), would be, in this order (so 1st is my favorite): Leman Russ of the Space Wolves, Saguinius of the Blood Angels, Magnus of the Thousand Sons, and Alpharius of the Alpha Legion.

So, now on to Horus!

Horus was the first Primarch to be found, he homeworld being right outside of our solar system. Because of this, he and the Emperor fought together in many battles and campaigns before they had found any of the other Primarchs (the 2nd one found was Rogal Dorn, who was, I bet, found 5-7 years after Horus).

As 1st primarch to be found and leader of the most numerous legion (well… actually, I think they were most numerous, its possible that the Ultramarines were the most numerous legion), numbering at 10,000+ strong, Horus was the most famous of all the Primarchs.

At the conclusion of the Ullanor Campaign, the Emperor left the front lines of the Great Crusade to return to his labs on Holy Terra, it was here that he began work on a secret project that to this day none know much of. He last order on the front was to make Horus Warmaster, leader of the Great Crusade; his first mistake.

Horus, at first, did a great job as Warmaster, he commanded the Crusade and brought the conflict to an end, but then disaster struck.

While putting down a rebellion on Davin IV (I THINK, it could be some other Davin). Horus was wounded with a terrible, deadly weapon. In order to save him, he was brought to Davin III, where he was healed by the Warrior Lodges on the planet.

When he emerged from the room of healing, he came out proclaiming a disturbing message; the Emperor had abandoned the Legions, and he was now preparing to proclaim himself a God and order mankind to worship him; the Horus Heresy had begun. In truth, Horus had been corrupted by the foul lords of Chaos, the

Horus managed to convince 8 of 17 other legions to join him, and also, using his power as Warmaster made sure the Dark Angels, Space Wolves, and Ultramarines would be out of the way for most of his coming civil war.

When the Emperor finally learned of Horus’s treachery he ordered 7 of his legions (The Iron Hands, Salamanders, Raven Guard, Night Lords, Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors and Word Bearers) to deal with Horus the two legions that so far had openly allied with him, Fuglrim and his Emperor’s Children, and Angron and the World Eaters.

The battle that followed was known as the Drop Site Massacre. The first wave of Space Marines, the Iron Hands, Salamanders, and Raven Guard, were nearly exterminated as the remaining four legions betrayed them. Ferrus Manus, leader of the Iron Hands was killed by Fulgrim, Vulkan went missing after the battle (no one knows whether or not he survived, though it is reported that he lived), and Corax was critically wounded; none of these legion would ever recover from the causalities that they had received that battle.

As the Heresy continued, it became apparent that Horus was preparing to take the fight to the heart of the Imperium, Terra itself.

Rogal Dorn, when he realized this, ordered, all the legions that remained loyal to the Emperor, to come to Terra as soon as possible, alas, only two of the legion, other than Dorn’s own Imperial Fists, the Blood Angels and the White Scars, were able to get to Terra in time. They along with the Imperial Army and several Titan Legions, were about to face one of the biggest armies that had ever be assembled against humanity.

The battle was tremendous, and in fact, it probably alone worth 3 novels (Horus, Saguinius, and the Khan’s perspective novels). However, as the siege continued on, Horus, realized that he would not win before the Ultramarines, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves would arrive, and this would spell disaster for his army.

With this in mind, Horus prepared for one, final gamble, he lowered the shields of his spacecraft giving his opponents enough time to assemble a strike force of Imperial Fist and Blood Angel Terminators (space marines in even more protective armor, the only disadvantage is that it is really bulky and heavy) as well as an elite group of Emperor’s own bodyguard, the Custodes, lead by Rogal Dorn, Saguinius, and the Emperor himself.

However, using his sorcerous powers Horus scattered the defenders about the ship, making sure that they would not all reach him at once, and thus overwhelm him.

First to reach Horus was Saguinius, who, though offered a place at Horus’ side, refused it; he was killed with ease by Horus, now blessed by the forces of Chaos that he served.

The Emperor was the second to arrive in the throne room, and, after trying in vain to sway Horus back to his side, he charged at the man he once called son.

The Emperor could have easily defeated Horus, but he refused to believe that Horus had truly gone evil (which is lame*, IMO). Anyways, the battle ends with Horus about to kill the Emperor when a lone Custode (or depending on your source, an Imperial Fist Terminator) walks into the room. Horus laughs as the Custode see his master and creator lying on the ground drenched in his own blood, and then dies as Horus incinerates him with his psychic power.

The Emperor, seeing his act of total brutality, finally realizes that his son is truly fallen (once again… I’ll have to say that its pretty lame… I mean, how many people do YOU know who consort with daemons and aren’t evil????), even in his weakened state, he manages to utterly obliterate Horus….

That’s the end of that… I’ll get to the other Primarchs, and then to what happened after the Heresy, later, probably over the course of the next month.

* Imagine it, “Horus, there is some good in you, I can feel it!” Says the Emperor.

“How do you know?” snaps Horus, then he yells, “YOUR NOT ME! I’M ME! STOP BEING ME!”

“I am the Emperor!”

“WHO CARES! Can you read my mind? No. Because if you could, I’d know, so in fact, I AM EVIL! MWHAHAAHA!”

“I refuse to believe this, my son, come back to the light…. Etc, etc, etc.

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