Thursday, April 16, 2009

Large, rather random, update

Michael got Tarja’s (of Nightwish Fame) solo album, My Winter Storm, yesterday. So I listened to it last night, and I wasn’t really that impressed. Tarja has a good voice, no doubt, but the music itself was really quite mediocre. In my mind this cements everything I thought about with Tarja: contrary to her own opinion, she is nothing without Tuomas’ (Nightwish’s keyboardist and composer) music. There were a few good songs on the Album, but I was not all that impressed… I guess I’ll just go back to my normal music.

EDIT: After listening to her album again, I’ve decided it actually isn’t really too bad. It’s just not my style. Plus, Tuomas WAS a better composer than the people Tarja’s working with now. Sorry, it’s just true. I still think Tarja should never have given Tuomas and Nightwish a reason to fire her, because it was a huge mistake on her part. Though, I must admit, I like Nightwish’s current vocalist (she may not have the range of Tarja, but she is good) and I really like Dark Passion Play. Plus, Tarja’s departure seems to have allowed Marco do more singing, and everyone knows I dig Marco’s voice.

And… we are probably going to change our ISP (Internet Service Provider for all you non-tech savvy people). We’ve been using Cynet (or Cybernet or something like that) which is a division of the same company that we all use for our Cellphone service: Grameen. However, we’ve been having some real problems with our Potter’s School Classes. Basically, the VoIP parts of our classes are disabled: we can’t hear the teacher, or anyone else, talk, nor can we talk to them should we need to become miced (erm… however you spell it mic+ed). Believe me, it’s really frustrating. This is the third time we’ve had the problem and our current ISP just can’t seem to provide us with a permanent solution. We phoned/emailed another ISP (BOL, Bangladesh Online) and when my mom explained our Error the guy on the phone said that lots of their customers have that problem and that they provide them with a form to fill out and their problem is solved. In any instance, pray for wisdom in our decision-making and that we would have peace in whatever decision that we make.

A few more things… I finally bought Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition (MnM), a RPG that allows you to create Super Heroes. I have to say, it’s amazing. First off, while it is focused on the general superheroes and supervillians ala comic books like Batman and Superman, you don’t have to do stuff like that. I can easily see a group of DnD players converting Forgotten Realms to MnM. I mentioned this system to Brian for running a wizard cadre in his own fantasy setting, and I wasn’t wrong: it’d do it perfectly. Though I do have to say that its quite likely that in that specific instance, all the PCs would have very similar characters stat wise.

Anyways… I’m using the system to play in a as of yet unnamed game with the same people whom I played the Legend of the Moab Mechanism, a True20 game set in the world of Space 1889, which combined Victorian Era Britain with space travelling. :D That game was quite fun and now that it’s over I’m quite happy to be creating my mage/thief/demon PC. A sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type character: normal human who transforms into a powerful demon.

Other things to talk about: Drow is imba. Seriously, she is just too good for her own good. Cold arrows + aura + level 6 = pwnage on a very bad scale. She is by far better than sniper, and easier to play than Time Stop guy (erm… Faceless Void), even if he is better. Plus, I like her attack animation. :D
… I seem to have nothing else to write about.

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