Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Current Events

So I just read an pair of interesting articles on the BBC today. The first was on “Islamic” Hip Hop. Now, I gotta say, the article made me want to laugh. Some Saudi businessman decided to start an Islamic MTV channel. One that showed Hip Hop preformed by “good Muslims”.

What struck me about this is that, last I checked, pictures of humans are forbidden by Islamic Law, as is, I think, dancing. Singing I guess is okay but since we are talking about Hip Hop on TV, I’m not sure how they can follow the laws I mentioned. That being said, I’m glad that someone in the Middle East is trying to make a more modest version of the stupidly immodest Hip Hop music video culture. That being said, it will never cease to amaze me how hypocritical Islam can be sometimes.

Also… the Miss America beauty pagent made into the BBC. For what, you ask? Well Apparently Miss California, the runner up lost because of her answer to a gay marriage question. She said that she does not personally believe in Gay Marriage and for this question, at least one of the judges admitted that she lost.

Now, I’m not sure about what other people may think of this but I can’t understand how that makes any sense. I’m allowed to believe what I believe, yes? And there is nothing wrong with having a viewpoint on a controversial question like Gay marriage. If the question had been gun control I doubt it would have matter what her response was, but how she responded (I WANNA A M16! Versus pulling out a few facts against Gun Control). Because a woman who is supposed to be smart and beautiful gave a smart answer, but one that at least one of the judges didn’t want to hear, she got 2nd place instead of 1st? Explain to me how that makes any sense.

If I had been one of the judges and Miss California had told me she supported Gay Marriage, and then went on to give me some logical reasons for her opinion, I would have given her a good amount of points. I would have made it very clear that I disagree with her, but that I can’t force a person to believe what I believe, and for better or for worse, that’s the beauty of free will.

Instead they jam down her throat that she is WRONG and how she should change her viewpoints and how she should support something that she doesn’t believe in because its “racist” or “sexist” or whatever they wanna call it. Not sure how that works.

Your current events for the day.

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