Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I just got a Family Force 5 Album. It. Is. Amazing. I didn’t think Disco-esque music could be this amazing. I’m not sure what to say… its just amazing.

Hmm… what else. Caleb is in town, that’s awesome. I went to his house yesterday. His dad made comment about how despite the fact that I don’t want to follow my parent’s profession, he thinks I will. I told him I won’t do it the same way they do, but I’ll do want to do stuff like that, and I plan to give generously to people in their profession.

I also got a scholarship. *parties* 4,000 bucks a year from one of my safer college choices. Quite encouraging. Its not a big scholarship, but there’s more money where that came from, I’m sure. The question is will I even go to the school… I still think St. Edwards or Baylor would be a better school for me, but well… scholarship. I’ll just have to wait and see if what other opportunities and the like come up.

Oh, and got a letter from UT. Right… like I’m going to your boring stupid school. I hated everything about that I saw. Then there was the presentation on writing… that was awesome, the presenter was such an idiot. Besides, seeing as its one of the biggest party schools in Texas… well partying is good, but I really don’t feel the need to go out and get stinking drunk every single weekend. Or be involved with people who do that… Oh, and the lack of personal involvement with the professors doesn’t help much either. We talked to some people while we were in the States and they were like, “yes, its possible to complete your degree without even having a professor teach you...” Good reason not to go there.

Oh, I watched a Children of Bodom music video while at Caleb’s house. (my web blocker hates Youtube…). Very interesting. Exactly what I expected… totally amazing guitar work and awesome melody (coolio keyboard) but the vocals… lol they might as well not have been there. I couldn’t understand a thing that Alexi (their vocalist/guitarist) said plus I could hardly tell when he stopped and when he started singing. Ahh the joys of metal… anyways… I probably should get some of their stuff.

That’s all for now…

Darnit, this FF5 Album is amazing.

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