Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So… a few more things to talk about:

First off, I got my ACT results back a few days back. 33/36 in Reading! w00t! *does a mini-party*

22/36 in Science… not so w00t. Though they can hardly call it science, its more like: read this confusing graph, and read it fast! And then answer questions on the graph! FAST! I tried my best on that section, and I mean I REALLY tried… but I didn’t do that good. Still, I managed to get a composite score of 26/36 which mean is in the middle of the median ACT score of most Baylor freshman. This is a good thing, my friends, *nods* because my SAT scores were lower in this regard. This means of course, if I can write some good essays and the like I might still get accepted into Baylor! Of course whether or not I can actually afford to remains to be seen.

So yes, I’m doing good in that regard. I still wish I could have done higher in the math section of the ACT but I do think that the ACT, as a whole, was much less stressful and much easier and relaxing to take than the SAT. Oh well… I guess that’s just life.

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