Monday, April 20, 2009

Bleach, not the cleaner

So, I’ve been watching Bleach these past few weeks. Got the 1st season (IIRC) from my friend Jacob and I’m working my way through it.

Bleach is an Anime, a Japanese Cartoon. However, Animes are completely unlike American Cartoons. Artistically they are very different, most people know what I’m talking about if they’ve watched 5 minutes of Pokemon or any other popular Anime. (Dragonball, Dragonball Z, umm… I dunno other stuff). Furthermore, the Japanese do not have the (stupid) idea that Cartoons are at worst only for Kid’s, at best can only be comedies. Bleach, like many Animes has blood, occasional sexual references (annoying, but true) and lots of Language (most usually the expression “What the hell” sometimes other stuff… but it’s rarer). It’s a PG-13 show, for sure.

Anyways… Bleach is a show about a 15 year old teenager going to High School in Japan… his first name is Ichigo (IIRC… its Japanese so forgive me if I’ve spelled it wrong). One day he sees a Shigami (English dubs say Soul Reaper, literally Death God, which is what my subtitled version calls ‘em). These Shigami’s are warriors who fight “hollows” (demons) and defend “pluses” (ghosts) and humans from them. During a battle defending Ichigo the Shigami is wounded and gives Ichigo some of her power to allow him to defeat the Hollow. However, she accidently gives him ALL instead of just some of her power. The result is that this Death God (first name: Rukia… second name unknown) must spend the next few months recovering on Earth while Ichigo does her job as a Death God.

Anyways… that’s the basic premise. Of course the story gets much more complicated by adding other humans, death gods, former death gods, “mod souls” (lol… it’s an aggressive, hyper, lion plush toy. :D) and hollows. The show is good if you can stand the Japanese Mythology (my dad can’t… and I admit it was weird the first few episodes since it’s not a Christian worldview at all, but they pretty much ignore it a few episodes in and focus on the monster bashing) and aforementioned language, violence and mild sex.

So yes… I’m now going to watch bleach instead of do Latin since class was canceled. *parties*

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