Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kid's Camp 2009

Camp was last week.

What is camp? Well, “Camp” is really “Kid’s Camp”. It’s a weekend event that happens every year around the end of February/Early March. Kid’s Camp is run by AG Church in Maghbazar (my church) and every year usually about 100+ kids (this year we had only 80ish though… more on that later) come.

This year however, things were a bit different. First off, as some of you might know, the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) mutinied and killed a lot of their officers and caused a lot of chaos and stuff, as a result, the people in charge of Organizing camp were unsure if we should run camp because they did not if the BDR were going to continue to munity or if the situation would mellow out. As a result, about ½ of the people who signed up were actually told that Camp was cancelled. It wasn’t, but the damage was done: on the first day we only had like… 48 kids. However, thanks to the heroics of one of the camp organizers, Auntie Diane (btw… I call all older women Auntie and all older men Uncle... I’m not related to her) we managed to get another 32 kids to come to camp on the 2nd day after breakfast.

So, other than that, Camp went quite normally. However, it was quite sad that out of the 136 children that signed up only 80 came…

The theme this year was Super Heroes, and how Jesus is our Inner Hero. All the team’s had super hero names like Powerful Patriots (My team), Super Soldiers, Amazing Avengers (winning team), Truthful Troopers, Incredible Invincible (I swear… they ran out of names and threw together this team name). My team wasn’t amazing… but we had some good kids. We had to really cute little girls… I’d say my team was about average. The councilors for my team were: me (Jr. Councilor) Raimey and Derek. I had the best councilors. :D. No honestly, they were great, and I think we all had a good time, even if we ended up in like 6th place (out of 8).

What else… the Worship was good. I found out how good of a voice Maxim has. The speakers, a guest team from Calcutta, did a good job, they had some fun songs we sang (such as… Grin Again Gang Get Gung-ho about Jesus… which you sing REALLY fast).

Every year the teams all have to do a skit/play thingie, usually focusing on a specific verse or idea that the camp was about. So this year we all were superheroes who found out without Jesus we couldn’t do much. My team had the evil Dr. Disco face off against Super Strong Girl, Y Girl, and (for Copyright reasons) the Guy Who Tells Jokes. :D Dr. Disco danced them all into zombies until Pastor Gus (who was the guest speaker… :P) came in and told Dr. Disco that he couldn’t have the “secret power” because the secret was in our hearts! We didn’t win, but I liked our Skit a lot this year, it was a whole lot better than last year’s skit.

Also, I felt quite bit that this camp was a milestone for the younger generation at Kid’s Camp. For various reasons Nathan and Jacob ended up leading their teams, even though they weren’t prepare for it nor were supposed to. Also the people who started camp 12 years ago Mark and Daleene (sp?), are leaving Bangladesh for good. They may never come back. But, looking at Camp, I don’t think that’s to big of a deal. 12 years ago, the camp leader, Josephine, was a kid, a camper, now she is in charge of camp! Next year, Max and Jacob will probably be ready to be Sr. Councilors. Me and Julius and Naomi can all be Jr. Councilors. People are leaving, but they have left a new generation with the tools to continue their works.

And… that’s all I have to say.


Manwathiel said...

That sounds like a great camp! Superheroes are fun =D. I'm sorry that so few of the registered kids came... That really does stink. I've been following the news on Bangladesh online--everything's calmed down now, right?

Glad you had a good time!

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

well... it seems so. There is still more security and stuff going on but basically the violence is over.

Still... lots of people were killed and it was all very sad.