Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DotA stuff

Morphling… is really weird.

Morphling, in case you didn’t know is one of the many heroes on Defense of the Ancients, a Custom Map (read: Mod) for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne that I play. I play it a lot, actually, both with my friends on the weekend, and at home during the week.

Anyways… morphling… okay, morphling is a ranged agility hero, this means he focuses on doing lots of damage really fast, and as a ranged hero does this from a distance. HOWEVER, while he is a ranged hero he has the power to switch his strength and agility stats around. What does this mean? It means he can suddenly get a lot of health (which strength gives you) and lower his attack speed. Or he can have a tiny amount of health, but lots of damage and attack speed… or he can switch between the two.

Now, as you can imagine, the power to suddenly have an additional 500 health is quite useful. I played around with him a bit, not much, but just enough to familiarize myself with him… and I think I like him, but realize playing him really well is probably above me. (Where with someone like Dwarven Sniper, Razor or Skeleton King I can play very easily… they’re easy heroes). However, I have a somewhat useful build for him.

First off, since he’s an agility hero, I decided to focus on Agility, not strength, which is something that I think most people will do. Then I started off with various items… Phase Boots, a brace and a wraith band, and the headdress of rejuvenation (because I think its worth the etra 311 gold to get +2 to all stats in one slot… and the AoE regen, even if it is pitiful is still AoE regen). Then I decided to get Sange and Yasha. I did this because my brother told me to (and he knows a lot more about build ups for heroes than I do...) but also because it made sense. I can have a lot of strength or a lot of Agility, so get a balanced item that has good powers. So I got Yasha and Sange, then I decided, since I’m an agility hero to get Butterfly, the default Agility hero item of choice. (What’s not to like? 30 Agility, 30 Evasion… 30 other stuff). But as I used this, I realized actually I should consider another build:

2 Heart of Tarrasque. XD

Why? Well… lots of health regen is always good. Plus, with 50 strength from those I can basically have 1 strength base and still have enough health and regen to not die really fast.

This might sound like a completely stupid, idiotic build… but I’m going to try it. If it works… I’ll laugh. :P

Also… this chapter in Chemistry has actually been somewhat fun. Working with atoms is much better than that nasty Stoichiometry stuff… gack!

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