Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Player's Handbook II... other stuff

A few quick notes:

In math, I started a Chapter on Trig… so I’m being reintroduced (I used them briefly in Geo) to Sine, Cosine and Tangent

I bought the Players Handbook II and Adventurers Vault for DnD 4th Edition. They’re very niiice. I like Half-orcs… but I hate their background… its… to mild.

For those of you who don’t understand, half orcs are half human, half orc. Orcs are savage beast-like people who kill other things and ally with goblins and bugbears, other nasty savage monster things. Now… why would one of these ever have children with humans? Well… the only answer I can think of is unwillingly… so rape.

But of course, DnD does want to include the little twelve year olds and the idea of an entire playable race being created by well… rape isn’t very kid friendly I must admit. So… what do they do? They mess up Half-orcs and give them some strange background like humans… for some strange reason actually willingly sleeping with orcs and making half orcs. That or a God deciding he wants to make half-orcs. Both of which make no sense.

Anyways… other than that, Half-orcs are fun. Also, some of the new classes look quite nice, though I’m not entirely sure I’d enjoy playing them. The Invoker (divine controller… what the wizard would be if he got his powers from Gods). The Shaman looks… strange… and the bard looks like something that I’d hate to play but would love to RP with.

Oh, and gnomes look… stupid. Like anime wanna-be thingies. Not cute fuzzy gnomes. That being said, they make for cool wizards. If I ever play a gnome, it’ll be a gnome wizard. Or maybe a evil gnome warlock. That would be fun… like a little gremlin guy. :P

So… nothing else to blog about. I’m off to make some character sheets.

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