Sunday, March 22, 2009

DotA stuff mostly

Sigh… like is normal.

I have 9 more weeks of school and 1 week of holiday before that. This is good. TPS is a good school, if even it does cause me to panic at least 1 every two weeks, if not 1 a week. Still… I’m working on that. More planning, more diligence, less internet (DARN YOU WIRELESS!), I’m working on it… the key is a true desire to change, which I know I don’t have, yet, but I’m really thinking trying to make the right decision. I think I’ve done better so far… only time will tell.

I played what was perhaps one of the most balanced games of DotA on Saturday. The team was… I forget, I think me Manik, Saad, and Michael against Derek, Jinkin, and Pranjal… oh and Jacob. I played Broodmother for the first time. Actually it was very interesting because at first glance my team should have lost quite easily, but we managed to pull off a very even game. Seriously, right up until the final push it was a toss up between the two teams. Finally, though, Derek’s team managed to destroy our ancient, in one push… and that clearly was our fault because at the time of that final push me and Manik were pushing top. We managed to get the entire lane cleared and I was going to go for mega creeps (which, if we were lucky, we might have gotten. We would have at least destroyed the tower). IF our gambit had worked then I’m sure we would have won that game. As it was, we should have retreated and hit Derek’s push from the rear… but we didn’t and we lost.

Still, it was a very good game and actually, it made me feel good about my DotA skills. I really liked broodmother and I managed to get a good build-up for her without much trouble. My one major issue was I should have gotten Phase Boots and not Boots of Travel, as I needed the phase more than teleport. I’ll keep that in mind next time I play her.

Also, I really liked the Webs, they were VERY useful for ganking/mind games/escape methods. Working with invisibility takes some practice however, and I haven’t gotten that down just yet.

Finally, I think I might go Caleb and Andrew’s graduation. It’s not for sure yet as we need to figure out things like my SAT (which is around that time) as well as my Math and English Final. I think I can get everything organized but I’m not entirely sure. I’d love to be able to attend the graduation, since it’ll be the only one of my friends I’ll be able to see. But if I’m unable to do it, well, I’ll live, I suppose…

I was going to write more but I didn’t so I’ll stop now and get ready for bed.

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