Sunday, March 8, 2009

More DotA

So… I think I learned a valuable lesson in DotA yesterday: I do not do well in mid game.

Early game, I can do really well. Because no one else really focuses on Last hitting so much I manage to farm quite well… but once I go back to base 1 or 2 times I start o do much worse.

Also, I don’t think I’ve yet learned exactly how to play lighter (read: agility and int heroes) very well. I can play them decently, but I tend to do better as str heroes. Though I remember when I played Vengeful Spirit I did really good… and that was fun.

Or maybe these games I just didn’t have as good a team or wasn’t as necessary to the team so I didn’t do that good. I dunno…

Also, I’ve recently read that Heart’s 1% health heal bonus does not stack. This is annoying, but I can understand why. Centaur Warchieft, with 2 hearts can easily have 3000+ health and some 60 health regen. Add a satanic to that (or even just a basic mask of death) and you have an ungodly amount of health… a beast of pure tanking power that just cannot die.

So… I’ve fooled around with morphling and I don’t like my str build for him. So I’m going to try and get 2 butterflies for him next time I play the guy and see how that goes. The way I figure it its probably a better idea to focus on agility (since last time I played I actually ended up with what I felt was too much health). Also, I need to up the difficult of the AIs again… I’ll have to start throwing in a few insanes to my usual Normals. I used to play against insanes with normal exp (they don’t gain bonus exp) but that got so easy it wasn’t funny. So then I switch to Normals with bonus exp… and now I’m going to try and work my way up to 5 insanes against me… something that will probably not happen for a LONG time (I can play against 3 easys with some heroes… but I still usually lose).

Oh, and Derek has Dawn of War II… so I’ll try and get that on Thursday. I tried to get it yesterday but he was out of his house the entire day because of exams… Dawn of War II souns amazing.

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