Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekend Weirdness

Very interesting weekend.

First off, my laptop, the holy grail of my life, well… besides the Bible, that is. :D

My laptop… didn’t work to well… you see, it had some strange issue with turning off randomly. After some research we decided that it was overheating and the way to fix this would be to blow compressed air into my machine. Well, we couldn’t find compressed air. >_<

So, my mom, the more skilled searcher, went searching. She found a “engineer” with a blowing/vacuum machine to come and fix my machine. Well… he did, and it appears to be working.

If John is reading this, once again, thank you for helping us with this issue.

Second… Youth…

Well, it went fine, I guess, it was a normal thing more or less, but afterwards… very difficult time coming home. I do believe all of it was spiritual warfare, most of it coming from… I’m not sure what, yet, but it was bad. We made it home safely, but not after a lot of stress and a lot of help from other people (once again, thank you Nathan and Caleb).

Also… I went shopping. That sounds really… girly, to say, but it I did, lol. I went and bought 2 headphones (for me and my mom) I replaced Gears of War, and I’m going to try this copy this week… if it doesn’t work, I’ll see if I can get dead space or mount and blade. Also, I went two the new Game Café. The one that we had gone to had expanded to a bigger room with better computers. It was huge. I there were at least 100 machines in there, and they were all full! One hundred teenagers all playing Counter Strike, DotA, Gears of War, and Vice City… it was amazing. I played a game of Counter Strike. I got pwned, to be honest, but I think I did pretty good considering we had some pretty advanced players playing. It was a good game.

Finally, I went to North Tower to see a shop that sold… that sold… (drum roll please?) REAL VIDEO GAMES! Only console games, but they had a couple of Wii games… I could not believe it. This is rather good… still, I need to ship in PC games from the states if I wanted non-pirated ones.

And that, was my wonderfully interesting weekend.

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Manwathiel said...

That's good that your laptop appears to be working again! I can't imagine what I would do without a laptop... And it must be worse for you, considering that it is your laptop and you're probably on it much more often than I am on my laptop that doesn't even belong to me.

I'll be praying about that spiritual warfare--if you think it's spiritual warfare, it probably is, and that just...isn't pleasant. I'll be praying.

Shopping! Sounds fun. And don't worry, as soon as you said headphones and games all traces of girly-shopping-sounding went *pouf*.

Real video games?? *gasp* Hehe, we don't have real video games like, anywhere, in good ole Cambodia. And our comp games need to be shipped too, so I can relate.

Sounds like you had a busy weekend!