Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update on my Life

A lot of things have happened to today…

I had English Class this morning. English is always fun, even if the work itself is rather… hard. We invented a new word! Hiser! You see we were talking about how you should use his or her instead of just his or even s/he, so John decided to invent a new word: Hiser! So, everyone, if you use this word in informal writing often enough, then maybe it’ll become a real word! Ya!

Also, I finished the Grapes of Wrath. Okay, it was actually pretty well written. The middle was garbage in the form of socialist/Marxist doctrine, the end was horridly depressing, but the beginning, the beginning was good.

The plot was predictable in several places. I knew, I knew, that Rose of Sharon’s baby would not have something wrong with it for instance, it just made sense… Still, the story was well written, for the most part, so I guess I’ve give the author that. But really, I don’t see why it was so popular. Who wants to read depressing stuff like that? Also, A Separate peace by John Knowles was depressing, horribly depressing, but it was brilliant. This was only mediocre… so I’m not sure what the big deal is. Give me a Steven Erikson or Tolkien over this anytime.

I start the Scarlet Letter next week. I have a feel it will be more of the same, decent book, but far too heavy for my taste… oh well, I guess they have to smash ‘em all down my throat now cuz in 6 years I’ll be free of their reign of tyranny.

Now… off to DotA!

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Manwathiel said...

Hiser!! Tis a spectacular word. I must make full use of it. And Eng class is very fun. I guess it makes up for me sleeping through Chem class.

Depressing... The Scarlet Letter is depressing. Well written, but depressing. I agree, give me Tolkien any day.

Free from this reign of tyranny?Oh, that sounds nice...