Thursday, October 9, 2008


I had a horrid, horrid, horrid week. You see, I have dengue fever (or something rather similar to dengue, I don’t have a rash yet). My week, therefore, was something like this.

Sunday: Normal school day, I started the Scarlet Letter, got my hair cut. I had a horrid sleep.

Monday: Normal school day, read my science Textbook, had Latin Class at night. I had a horrid sleep.

Tuesday: I realize why my sleep on Monday night was so bad… I was feverish. I slept all day long.

Wednesday: A little better, slept a lot, realized that I might have dengue.

Thursday: I felt much better on Thursday. Still, I am sick…

Oh, and I only got school work down on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. And I didn’t get all the school work I should have gotten done on Thursday…

So, as a warning to everyone reading this DON’T get dengue fever. It is… horrid.


Manwathiel said...

Ack. I'm praying that it doesn't last long--dengue is awful. Really awful. *had dengue several years ago*

You can't possibly be expected to do school while having dengue!

Live in an airconditioned room and eat lots of chocolate. It helps. *nod*

Praying for you =).

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

Kath... school waits for no man. Imagine trying to catch up with Adv. Comp when you are... two weeks behind?

That is why I am doing school.

Manwathiel said...

Ack. That's awful. But you shouldn't have to do school when you have dengue! It's just not right. Maybe you can just do TPS?
And Meow (you've seen her on my blog), supports my position (she's sitting next to me), she says you'll go into relapse if you do school when you have dengue. Then you'd have more AC to do!
Ah, dengue has to ruin everyone's schedules...
I feel like a doctor now...

Hilary Hughes said...

aww I'm sorry Isaac!
Feel better!

Jessica *meow* said...

I had dengue once. You're right. It's... yucky. I was out for a solid week doing nothing but sleeping, not sleeping, feeling yucky and eating peaches out of a can. But Kath is right, too. You may think that you don't have a choice, doing school when you're sick. But seriously, you CANNOT push yourself. You can go into relaspe, or get chronic fatigue syndrom or something. Which is MUCH worse then missing a couple of weeks of AC, i'm sure. Common sense. You're good at that, right?
Take care.
-Fellow Dengue Fever Hater