Friday, October 31, 2008

A rant... *sigh*

I would like to add to this article that the key to "fixing" the economy is to, in short, rebuild this nation.

The reason the economy has crashed is becasue people without morals were given control of people's money. They abused this power and lost that money, and everyone now (by everyone, I do mean EVERYONE, this is a global disteaster) pays the price.

Why do these people have no morals? Well, regardless of what they were taught, some will always chose to sin. But I do not believe this is the case. Most of these people probably did not think what they were doing was wrong. They thought it was good, and that it would land them lots of money. But it only crashed and burned.

In general, the more and more I see and read of politics, the more I realize how bad off America is. Nations like Bangladesh, India, Thailand, etc, they have excuses, they were not founded upon the same principles that America has been founded upon, the result is horribly ineffective politicians, military coups, and corruption everyonewhere. But Americans should know better, and yet all we can come up with is two men who will, in the end, do nothing for the better. I've heard various people say that all McCain will do is destory the country, but a bit slower than Obama. At this rate, I think I'd rather vote for my Youth Pastor (who is running, btw) than two... well... people who don't have what it takes. They won't make the right decisions, they will play the political games that ALL politicians (or at least most of them) play.

For years and years, the West has been seen as a place of great immorality, evil, and well, bad things by the East. (yet they all want to go there... go figure). To be honest, we deserve that title. America, in my eyes, has failed its job as the lone superpower of the modern world. We have done nothing in my eyes to deserve this title.

My question to everyone else, all other citizens of the United States that is, is what are you going to do about it? Right now, my goal is to complete my studies, but after that, I know what my goals are. I don't know if politics on the scale of Washington is what God has in store for me, but I do know that I've been called to be a leader. To bring the West (especially the nation of America) out of its fallen state. To recreate what we once were, the light in the darkness (okay... fine, we never were a true light in the darkness, immorality and sin have been part of our culture since the fall of the Roman Empire, before that even). If that means I end up president of the United States, CEO of Coke, Blizzard, McDonalds, whatever, I will do it.

What am I saying? To be honest... I'm not sure... well, I'm rambling, that's for sure. But this election has gotten me so disgusted. Obama won't do anything he promises (and if he does, I don't want any of it) and McCain, no matter how he says it, is just a combination of Bush (who, no matter how good of a person he is, is/was a horrid president. Thank God he can't stay in office!) and Obama. It makes me want to run for president.

Now, when I say that, you have to understand where I am coming from. I am not a politician, and I’m a horrid diplomat. I don’t mince words. Furthermore, I don’t like politicians. Bangladeshi politics have given me a bad taste in my mouth for ANY politician. Tarique Rahman spent the past five years ROBBING THIS COUNTRY BLIND. And for that, instead of kicking him out of the country, throwing him in jail (or better yet, shooting him for all the people he indirectly killed because they didn’t get the right government aid!) we send the man to England because he is “sick”. And we did pretty much the same thing with every other politician in this nation. It’s disgusting. America is by far doing a lot better, but still, Obama and McCain disgust me. The best we can come up with is a liberal conservative and a liberal liberal? Oh, but McCain has Palin! Palin is a good VP. Well… since the VP doesn’t actually do anything...

Fine… I think I’m going to stop now… I’m not even sure what the point of this is anymore… oh well.

I’ll try to get a “real update” up later.


Hilary Hughes said...

yay for people with their heads on straight

See, McCain needs to win, then die of old age within the first few months and then Sarah Palin is president =)

But if Obama wins and the dems control BOTH Legislative and Executive.....bye bye Constitution. Hello big government.

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

Hillary, we already have a big government. ;) Obama will do three things:

1. Nothing... because he doesn't know how to handle all the power (being so "inexperienced") everyone gets mad at him and we get a Republican (or borderline democrat) in office in 2012

2. Destroy our nation. Everyone gets mad and ditto the above.

3. Do all of things that I disagree with but everyone else loves and gets reelected (or gets someone like him in office).

I'm hoping for number 1.

As it is... McCain does not appear to be the likely winner. After a fashion... this may in fact be a good thing. Though, in general, I would rather has the lesser of two evils.

But maybe having the greater evil in office will wake Americans up? Unless of course that evil brainwashes everyone... :p

Manwathiel said...

It's ok, ranting is good. *nod*
And I agree, this election does make one disgusted...
If you run I'll vote for you!
Let's hope Obama does nothing...