Saturday, October 18, 2008

Diablo 2 - My Adventure

Well, I finally got Diablo 2 to work.

Okay, here is what happened, I had gotten some money and I wanted to get some games… mainly Gears of War. So I went over to visit my friend Jacob, while there we played Diablo 2. I made a new character, a paladin, and fought my way through some demons and monsters for a few hours. Then we went shopping. I bought Gears of War, Medal of Honor: Airborne and then say Diablo 2 in the store, so I grabbed that.

Sadly, when I installed Diablo 2, it didn’t work. I got a “compatibility” error so I figured that it was my Vista OS, and there wasn’t anything I could do. But, then, I realized that I could patch the game! I downloaded the patch this morning, since I had insomnia, and lo and behold! It didn’t work. >.<

So I did some trouble shooting. It appeared that my copy of Diablo 2 did not have certain mpq files, which were rather important to running the game. My brother had installed Diablo 2 successfully on his PC, so using the wonderful google talk file sharing system, I copied the (two!) missing mpq files to my own Diablo 2 folder. I then patched the game. It worked! Best of all, my save files from Jacob’s house work! I now have my wonderful paladin warrior, in full resplendent armor, ready to kick the butts of whatever strange and horrid demon that would stand in my way!

I'll explain what Diablo 2 is later.

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