Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm better!

Well, I had dengue… I’m still “recovering” but acting normal now…

Dengue… is really, really, really bad. But what to do…

Oh, I took the PSAT. It was easy, I’m not sure why I took it now that I think about it. I did it at the American School, which is REALLY nice looking school. We took it in one of their gyms, and it was cold… I was thirsty by the end of it (even though I had enough time to drink some water in the breaks…).

Oh well… I took the darn thing, never have to do it again The SAT, I’ll take it later… not sure when, probably May.

So… that’s what’s going on in my life. Oh, I’m behind in my school now… I hate getting sick. :(

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Manwathiel said...

You're better!! I know I already said that was great--but hey, your blog needs more comments. *hasn't been doing much online lately*

And yes, PSAT is easy. I was freezing in the room I took it in--and I had a slanted desk so my pencils kept sliding off >.>. Ah well. It's over. Next year awaits me.