Sunday, September 9, 2007

India 1st time this year

Greetings to those of you (I can use plural, right?) that read this blog of mine. I am writing this on my father’s laptop in a villagey area of India, just outside of Pune, which is near Mumbai/Bombay. Anyways… this will be one huge blog entry, as its going to be a combination of various days and facts and crap. Enjoy!

* * *

Well, I am now in the hotel room in Lonovala, India, after several days in Pune.

Pune was good, I met up with a few old friends, I saw the Soares, the Ingolls, the Claasens (not sure about that last one…) as well as Sushom (no idea how to spell her name) and EJ.

And now, it’s not that bad either, the Cochranes (minus the father… who is not here for umm… things that I know I shouldn’t ask about), the Radfords were supposed to come, but they couldn’t make it… that would have been neat, since I haven’t seen Caleb in forever.

Anyways… I’m in the process of writing the Fourth War, which is going just fine. It’s interesting, writing it, since it’s more of a collection of stories and adventures, rather than a proper story. I defiantly think the best thing about this story is that it isn’t Warcraft Canon, and is totally unrealistic (honestly, I just castrated the humans, not to mention the dwarves) oh, and I killed Malfurion… and am trying to figure out how to kill Illidian, while at the same time figuring out who has the power to kill Arthas (no one, really, so I’m going to cheat).

Anyways… I’m to do something else now; I think maybe play some video games.

Oh, totally random, Thousand Foot Krutch (Christian Rock/Metal) is a totally awesome band.

EDIT: Okay, I forgot to mention, I’m at a meeting here… I won’t say which, but since I’m going to assume that most of you know me in Real life, you can ask me in person, if not… I dunno…. Email?

* * *

Well, I had an adventure… chased after my room key (thought my sister had it, when she didn’t…) and in the process got soaking wet… I’m drying now… but my clothes are still wet.

Anyways… I had some of the famous chikki (an Indian sweet I crave) and it’s not bad… I liked the Fudge we bought better, but, well, you can’t please everybody.

At child care, we have now played quite a few games… Shuffle Your Bums (or whatever you call it… lol), Do you love your neighbor, Signs, this hand squeezing, message passing, game, Mafia (my favorite, lol), as well as a few others, I think.

Anyways… I’m going to try and do some Latin.

* * *

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference. I’m not really sad, though I would like to stay and hang out with some of the kids in Pune for a while, still, I need to get back to school…

Today was good, actually, I mostly stayed in my room, I went down to Child Care and played Mafia (that game is fun…)

In other news I’m playing Pirates! (the 2004 version, not the 1984 one, lol)… which is good… actually, I think I might have to retire my pirate soon… I hope not, because I want to try and rescue my family…

Okay, well, that was pretty disjointed… anyways… I’m going to play Pirates!

* * *

Hmm… well, the conference was good. Yes, I am now speaking in past tense, meaning that the conference is basically… umm… over.

The last session I attended was AWESOME, and well, most of the conference was pretty good, I enjoyed it a lot, and well, ya.

Anyways, I’m not sure what else to say… I met a lot of cool people, (including India’s most traveled musician, Benny Prasad), and some other people. Oh, and I also met this guy who’s home church is one that my Uncle Steve pastors… which totally rocks.

Anyways… I liked this conference, I didn’t think it’d be this fun, but it was, I only wish I could now spend maybe a couple more days in Pune meeting with some of my old friends there, but well, school beckons, and I have Potter’s School starting next week.

Well, I need to stop blogging here… I have History to do, I’m trying to get ahead for yet another venture into the grand nation that is India, this one with my friend Brian and his family and his friends.

I will see you people (again, I can use plural, right?) later… the political background to the writing of the American Constitution awaits me!

* * *

Well, I am now in the NEW Bangkok Airport, and after 4 visits (including this one) I have finally decided that it might actually be a half decent airport.

First of all, the design is terrible… it’s bland, boring and repetitive. Second of all, its frikkin’ HUGE!!! The first time I was here I went from the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminal and I kid you not, I bet I walked about 2KM in 20min (impressive, no?)

But this trip wasn’t so bad. I had French Fries, Coke, a few Hash Browns and a Dairy Queen small Blizzard for breakfast, plus a few sips of coffee from my mom.

Also, I have decided that not enough people read the kind of books I read, that is to say, pulp fiction and Steven Erikson. I was in a book store (in the airport, btw) and it had a decent selection of Fantasy (I recognized several of the series and authors, even if I have never read them), but NO Steven Erikson, Tad Williams, George RR Martin or any of the other authors who have a tendency to write 1000 page books in series of 10+!!! I understand why Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and Black Library books wouldn’t make it into a book store like that… but the fact that Steven Erikson, a man who was awarded one of the biggest writing contracts EVER (500,000 Pounds Sterling right up front!) isn’t in this book store just bugs me… its almost unjust, IMO.

Anyways… in other news, I had a terrible flight, the movie system broke and I was miserable the entire flight… and then there was the Turk who was hitting on the flight attendant…

Okay, I’m now going to write some more of the Fourth War… Onwards with Fnedar and Raganov!

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Well, Isaac, I read it. I guess I don't quite get it. Why is the blog a big deal? Why don't you just email it to the people that you want to read it?

Anyway, maybe I don't understand because I'm OLD!!!!