Friday, September 14, 2007

I dunno... no title, lol

Well, I just finished my Bible Class (I’m taking a few minutes break before moving on to PE) and umm… wow.

Okay, first of all, what I hope is my main textbook for this year (I have two), Tools of Dominion is really good. At first I was worried, because the author (Dr. Gary North) starts talking about views that I don’t agree with (the coming of Christ). However, after that, its all great. He examples, with clear, obvious Biblical backing, and good examples of how it would work in the modern society, why, and how we should implement the Case Laws of Exodus (Exodus chapters 21-23) in modern society.

While that may sound really boring, it’s quite amazing. I just finished a section on interest and usury. He just explained clear, concise English why humans demand interest for loans, and why to not demand interest is against human nature. What does this have to do with the Case Laws of Exodus? Well, a lot (okay, a vocal minority most likely) of Christians think that the idea of interest (for anything!) is unbiblical and asking for interest is a sin. So, Dr. North confronts these ideas, and first disproves them using the Bible, then goes on to explain that asking for interest is a natural part of human nature.

In other news, I started English this year. My first class was umm… not much. We spent some time introducing ourselves, and then went over various things in GP4 (the program we use to do class) works and how we will use it. This was a bit of a disappointment, as I wanted to get onto some of the actual work. But, hey, I started English! My first math class will be later today. I started math two weeks ago… and am ahead by that much… but I’m not sure how long that will remain, as I’m trying to get ahead in Bible, and haven’t done math the last two days. (I think I’ll try to get some done tommorrow).

Oh, and I’m trying to finalize the details for my CS clan. Right now the name is Unholy Retribution, but I’m working on changing the name, not sure what yet, I’ll work on a list, and see what everyone else thinks.

Anyways… ya… that’s my life right now.

Oh, btw, due to internet problems, I may not post this till tomorrow. The date right now is September 12.

DUDE! I just realized that I forgot to post this… it is now 2 days later….

See you guys!

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