Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life Update... again

Okay, quick update.

Well, life is good; I leave for India for two weeks and will be without internet (most likely) for that time. So, this may be the last time you hear from me for a while.

Right now life is good. I’m greatly enjoying Company of Heroes and looking forward to the next three months (or so) until I leave for the States. School is going well… my schedule is a bit messed up, but that will be all over once I return back from India, in fact, I think I’m going to be a little behind!

Anyways… English is decent… no real writing yet, just some silly paragraph thingie… real short and really easy. Math is going okay, my schedule is all screwed up and I’m trying to figure out how I can get as much school work done in a very small amount of time…

So… on with life!

Oh, yes, I am, for the millionth time, also playing KOTOR II: the Sith Lords… this is without a doubt the best RPG (aside from Golden Sun II: the Lost Age, of course) I have ever played… Oblivion comes pretty close, but Oblivion is quite different… its more free-form and the action is real time (which actually makes the game more intense I guess) but Star Wars is turn based and the story is quite linear. To me, the game is so amazing because of the background and thought that goes into the conversations… what are the Sith? What does it mean to be a Jedi? Where do the Sith come from? What is the Force? How does one use it? These are really amazing questions… and well… they are awesome.

Oh, and in other news… there will be a new Dawn of War expack… not sure what will be in it, or if Relic is even creating it, but the supposedly, Dark Eldar are rumored to coming with it… of course, I want Dawn of War II, and unless this game has some coolio stuff… I’ll probably just stick to Company of Heroes, and its Expack, Opposing Fronts, which is coming out this Christmas. Oh, and Halo 3 when (and if) I get an Xbox 360.

Okay, I didn’t upload this stuff… which was written on the 26th of Sept 2007… however, I will upload today, I think.

Anyways… I was going to blog about something… I forget now… maybe it was, oh, I dunno…anyways…

Oh, here’s something to blog about: my 40k army.

Well… you see, I’m a space marine fan. I like all sorts of space marines… Space Wolves, Black Templars (at least, I like their fluff… I don’t think I’d play them with the rules they have now… not competitive enough), I’d even give Dark Angels and Blood Angels a go… though in all honestly I don’t like the whole “combat squads” rule (which IMO, gives your tactical squads a lot less flexibility). However, I do also like them Chaos Space Marines… I’m not sure why… but they have that “evil is cooler” thing with them. Plus, I know that if I’d play them, then I’d play them as a Renegade Chapter (that is, a space marine chapter that went rogue)… to me, it just is such a cool idea.

So, at first I resisted it… after all… it would mean buying a new codex, and then converting my measly 1000 pts of space marines into CSM… not to mention trying to work out how my Command Squad, Apothecary, Termie Chaplain and Space Marine only units would fit into the picture…

But… then I said… WHY NOT!!!! CSM FTW!!!! CSM RULE!!!! NO COMBAT SQUADS!!!! Sorry... that was IsaacII, the evil side of me… Oh… and as Hairy Yahoo (40kterra guy) said, I ate the cookies.

Anyways… so, I’m gonna do it… I’m going to convert my marines… stock up on Plague Marines… and the best part is I know several people who are willing to sell me Primed (in Flat Black do less!) and assembled 3rd ed. CSM CHEAP!! (I love 40kterra… so wonderful).

So… yes… I will be doing my best to get as many CSM as possible (after my laptop… and if I have more money, an Ipod and 360… and books… ahh… so much to buy!).

Oh, and speaking of my laptop… I’ll be getting an alienware… so all you gamers out there… but jealous… be very jealous!

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