Saturday, September 15, 2007

My weekend

I had a good weekend, many good things happened to me.

  1. I beat Michael in DOTA
  2. I discovered a new Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod, Herocraft!
  4. JACKIE AND JAY CAME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see… many good things happened to me this weekend, first the DOTA game:

I was Dwarven Sniper, Michael was Faerie Dragon. I owned him. Why? Because well, I would use my ultimate (Assassinate, a super long ranged attack that does massive damage), TWICE, and then shoot him a bit, killing him pretty badly. I did this a lot. Finally he gave up.

Also, I had more gold than him. I gained more gold because I had a better attack rate, and better attack. The combination meant that I had more gold, and had better items, which meant I kill him better.

Anyways… now Herocraft; Herocraft is a coolio Warcraft Mod were you MAKE your own hero (using all the abilities from the original Warcraft, cool, no?). Now, when I mean make, I mean you actually say what your stats are, and your body is just for looks, it does nothing! (except if your ranged you can use passive ranged powers…)

Okay, I also got Company of Heroes, Relic’s latest RTS game (even then, its pretty old… I just never got around to buying it), I saw it in a store when I was looking at speakers and headphone/mic combos… I’ll talk more about that when I’ve actually played some. Right now I’ve only just beaten the 2nd level.

And my youth pastors came back!!! YES! Jackie and Jay are back after THREE MONTHS in the US and UK. Me and 4him is happy, and yes, I know that was bad grammar, lol.

Anyways… my weekend was great.

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