Monday, August 27, 2007

Rain. It’s an interesting thing, rain. And well, it does so in a lot of places, especially Bangladesh during the Monsoon season.

If you hadn’t figured it out, it rained yesterday, it rained quite a bit. Well, at least it rained in the part of the city I was in (Uttara). It didn’t rain all over the city.

Also, well, I dunno… I’m finding it hard to blog about stuff… because right now, life is so… normal… I do school, then I fool around, read a book, surf the web, and listen to music… and ya, that’s about it.

Oh, if anyone who is reading this hasn’t already, they really should give Steven Erikson’s Malazan Tale of the Fallen series a try, the books aren’t for everyone, however, they are excellent works of literature. I’ve been rereading the 1st Book, and I’ve learned quite a few things that I missed (or couldn’t have known because I didn’t know other things).

Anyways… on with life.

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