Sunday, September 16, 2007

Felt I should post this up

I felt that I should post this up, these questions were ones I had to answer in History class this morning

  1. Historically, has Christianity impacted law and politics? - Umm... YES! What do you think Constantine did? He changed the face of Europe by making Christianity the official religion of Rome. Oh, and then of course we have the fact that in most of the Middle Ages the educated people (and thus, the scholars) were almost exclusively Christians. To this day, most Western (Europe, the US, and Canada) laws are assumedly based off of Biblical principles.

  1. Assuming you believe that Christianity has impacted law and politics in history, do you think any of its influence has been legitimate? Why or why not? - World book defines legitimate,as: "allowed or admitted by law; rightful; lawful." And well, since it has only been in the past 100ish years that scholars have tried to ENTIRELY wipe Christianity (and in fact, religions in general) from the face of the scholarly world (in the sense that they enjoy telling us who idiotic religions are), and in fact, before we had proper written Government laws, we only had laws and decrees from religious documents (the primary one in the Europe was the Bible=Christianity), I would say that in fact Christianity CREATED the first laws in Europe. IE they made law, so how can we call Christianity illegitimate?!

  1. If there is a difference, what is the difference between Christianity and being Christian? - Yes, there is a big difference. Christianity is what I would call a set of ideas and morals, based on the teachings of Christ. However, a Christian is a person who has decided to follow these teachings, as well as (this is the most important part, for without it one can never enter Heaven) have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

  1. Considering the history of Christianity and politics, how or why do you think Christians themselves (let alone scholars) would say that true Christianity only has to do with a person’s inner life? - Because Christians have accepted the LIE OF SATAN that Christians should not, and in fact are not supposed to, have anything to do with politics (other than perhaps praying for those in power). This is a LIE. It has no basis in Biblical Truth. From the earliest times, Christians have been involved in politics. Paul appealed to Caesar not because he was afraid he would lose his case (he cared not whether he won or lost) but because he wanted the most powerful man in Europe, Northern Africa, and Turkey and parts of the Middle East (possibly the most powerful man in the world at the time) to hear the Gospel, and hopefully accept Christ SO THAT HE COULD USE HIS POWER FOR THE GOOD OF THE KINGDOM OF JESUS. The only way to BE SURE that those in power will do God's will is by electing people who we can be assured are Servants of the Most High God.

  1. Is it possible to focus on one’s inner life while also being engaged in the world? Why or why not? - Yes. By simply living the lifestyle outlined in the New Testament by Jesus, Paul, and the other early Church Leaders WE WILL TRANSFORM THE WORLD. Mankind cannot ignore the truth. When someone lives that truth, people take notice. That is the nature of the truth. People HUNGER for the truth, and when we show them the truth, they will take it. Simply by walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we will transform this world.

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