Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life... its normal

Well, last I checked it was 100% humidity outside and raining… but, that’s normal for this time of year in Dhaka.

Still, I’m enjoying myself… Malazan #5 is great… the usual Malazan stuff that’s so addictive.

As for school… well, I’m struggling through The Institutes of Biblical Law, enjoying Basic American Government, resenting the fact that no matter how I push it, I have to do biology with Exploring Creation with Biology. Its not that the book is bad (no, in fact, I would go so far as to say that Dr. Wile (the author) is the best Science Book author that I have ever read!), its just that I don’t like science. I’m also struggling through In the Shadow of the Almighty a biography of Jim Eliot.

Oh, and my Latin book is umm… the Author’s name (Henle) and Latin… something like Henle Latin I or something… its good, pretty basic, and I’ve already done this a while ago, still, I am very much enjoying it.

Oh, and I’m writing a bunch of different stuff now… got a Sci-fi story going, but right now I need to sit back and outline a bit. Then I think I’m going to continue the stories of all my WOW characters… Laen (well, technically, he’s not mine… he’s my friends, but I’ve written about him), Qzar, Griwn, Fnedar, and Tarnoc, plus others, a Death Knight/Lich, and Bladzun the orc. Plus canonical characters like Thrall, King Bronzebeard, Sylvannas, Arthas, the Lich King, Illidian the Betrayer, Maiev (MAYBE), Malfurion Stormrage (twin of Illidian), and Furion’s wife… durn, forgot her name.

And, ya… that’s what I’m doing now.

Man, just reading that list of characters make me shiver with excitement, so much potential, and so many good characters.

Oh, one final things… by now everyone is back in school, which means everyone is back (but not necessarily in Dhaka) from summer vacation... which means all my friends (at least, my boarding school ones) have departed and Nathan Schmidt is now back in town.

Ya, until then.

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