Friday, August 3, 2007

School - needs more love, but deserves some hate

School. The Bane (big B on purpose, lol) of all (some) who make use of a School’s educational facilities, anyways… I must brave a trip to mine (well, sorta) on Sunday, for I, must continue my High School Education.

Yes, I know, terrible isn’t it? Well, not really, I actually am looking forward to this year. I’ll be taking English, Civics/American Government (it looks better than I thought it would) Biology (last time I ever will take this course), Geometry (not sure what to expect, but it’ll be fun, same teacher as last year), and Latin (better than actually LEARNING a foreign language, believe me!).

So, 5 courses, and a ton of work, it’s not heaven, but it’ll be fun. Yes, I’m one of those “freaks” who enjoys school… no, I’m not to cool for school; I’m just to smart for it (lol).

In other news, I got my copy of Harry Potter 7, and also received 2 of Disturbed’s Albums from Jacob today, its Heavy Metal (and Rock) in its true form… loud, headbanging, and freaking awesome… I turned it on a while, and right now my ears are ringing, but well, its still great stuff.

So… ya… that’s me. And remember, any new people who haven’t seen my blog, please leave a comment.

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