Saturday, August 11, 2007

Well, school is here... and it isn’t that amazing.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I enjoy school, of all the subjects I’m taking this year, the only one I don’t want to take is Biology, and the only one I’d rather not take is Bible (I know I’ll learn something, and I want to learn it… but well… its just something that I’d rather not do).

However, the AMOUNT of school I have is umm… depressing. I have tons of school, and the worst part is, two of my subjects (Math and English), which I am taking via Pottersschool (a online-Christian school) won’t start till September!

So, I am now going to have to work extra hard… I have lots of school, and I want to take a 2 week vacation with my friend Brian in India… not to mention I’ll be going to the States for six months around Christmas time, which isn’t helping my school schedule.

Anyways… ya… that’s what’s up with me.

Oh, and my friends are going to sorta make a band (I can’t play an instrument, and dislike performing in front of crowds, so I won’t be joining), and I think they are going to take my name suggestion seriously, I suggested they name it Thirsty.

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