Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Update

Brian demands I update, so here it goes:

Life is good right now. The 4him Retreat was amazing. Grew a lot, at least spiritually. I have an interview with St. Edwards University regarding my admission to their honors program, that should be interesting. It’s not supposed to be that long, just like 15 minutes, but I’m wondering how accurate that is… because I talk a lot.

*some time later*

Wow… I’m like super nervous… argh.

THE BATTLE IS ALREADY WON my music tells me. I need to remember this *nods*. (Proof that Metal music is positive, not negative. Amon Amarth might sing solely about battle, pillage, conquest and Norse Myths, but it still is uplifting! :p)

Also, I recently discovered the wonders of Celtic Folk Metal. That is to say, the Swiss band Eluveitie. Awesome, awesome stuff. See, they do Folk music right. Besides the typical five piece band (drums, 2 guitars, bass, vocals) they also have a dedicated violinist, someone to play the bagpipes, and then someone who plays an instrument called the hurdy-gurdy. Also, their vocalist plays the Tin Whistle and some sort of Mandolin thingie. So, 8 people, 12 instruments, (one of the females band members provide vocals for some songs) and awesome stuff all around.

And my interview is like in a few minutes, so I guess I’m just gonna stop typing now. This was a really random update…

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