Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crazy Sims 3

Okay, crazy story:

I’m playing the Sims again and I had this family that was composed of a Brother living with his newly married sister. The sister wanted to have lots of kids and so I decided to move them out.

And then… then I realized I had no money after I moved. I had 3k dollars to build a house. So…. I looked at my options and decided to NOT build a house.

See, my guy is a writer and my girl is a stay at home mom (with two kids now!), but I needed more money, so the guy joined the journalism career. Then, I built a bed. Then I realized that I didn’t need anything else! Madness? No, not really… see my guys can use the bathrooms at the gyms and eat at the Diner. I took bonuses that give me free food at the diner and I never have to use a toilet (shower daily, but no toilet!) so…

So my “house” is a table with a computer (so my guy can continue writing his epic Sci-fi stories), 2 cradles, and a double bed. B)

I think tomorrow I’ll probably get a bathroom, but it will be a good long time before my guys ever get a proper house. Who cares though? I haz a cool lifestyle! :D

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