Friday, February 12, 2010

Abaddon -- Amazing

Do you know what one of the most amazing experiences ever is? Okay, I’ll tell you:

In DotA, running away from 3 enemies when you have low life. You (Abaddon) and Tidehunter are together, and you are using all your mana to health/protect Tidehunter from dying. Finally, you escape just as your mana runs out and your ulti turns on. Tidehunter has also escaped. You have started to laugh in relief as all the adrenaline in your system finally hits you. Then, then it happens.

Juggernaut gets a Triple kill. He kills the 3 heroes that were chasing you. Like that. By himself. With no help. He kills 3 heroes. You are now laughing in shock, joy and relief.

It’s an amazing feeling, I assure you.

So yes, I played DotA yesterday. First time in like 3 weeks. I was glad to note that despite not playing in a LONG time I did really good when I played with Abaddon. Honestly, I think Abaddon is perhaps the BEST strength support hero in the game. Shield is good for tanking, support, and farming. Death Coil is good for chasing and support. Frostmourne… Frostmourne is awesome in the team battles. Oh, and his ulti, his ulti is freaking awesome.

Another thing that’s fun about Abaddon is he is a rather item light character. I usually build Vlad, Phase, and Perserverence for him. If I have extra gold, depending on my team, I can then grab Battefury, Heart or Scepter. I usually go for scepter, but I really don’t need it.

Oh, and I tried to play with skeli, but I messed up. Skeli… isn’t a tank, that’s the problem. He’s a ganker/DPS hero. You build Assault Cuirass with him. Oh well…

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