Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanskgiving Holiday

Hmmm…. I’m… kinda bored right now. My break has been… somewhat interesting. Its more relaxed than a normal school week, but tomorrow is going to be very busy (we are moving upstairs… which means lots of lifting of stuff). I played some Medieval total War II today and yesterday, and I think I might start another Civ4 game… that could be interesting.

What else… hmm… nothing really, hopefully we can start RPing next week, but Julius now has exams so I’m not so sure about it. Also, with the timing we have… it may not be possible BEFORE 4him, maybe we should do it after 4him… though that would mean staying later than my Mom might want me to… perhaps we should do it after Church… we’ll have to talk about it.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Manwathiel said...

Oh, I love my Thanksgiving Break...I've been busy every minute, what with WriMo, friends, getting ready for 30+ people at our house tomorrow, and youthgroup... Ah much fun. And no school. I do believe that I have forgotten all my Spanish. Ah well.
So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Isaac, the masterofweirdness said...

hmm... we didnt do much, had a nice dinner (pumpkin pie, chicken) and watched Buckaroo Bonzai and the 8th Deminsion, a show where Buckaroo Bonzai a world famous neurosurgic/ninja/spy/rock star (who has his own comic book) and his team of elite dudes fight against Lectoids from planet ten by way of the 8th deminsion!

It was... really strange.

Manwathiel said...

Wow. Strange doesn't seem to be an adequate word to describe that show. I'm not sure if there is an adequate word...