Monday, November 17, 2008

Update... games, RPGs, Church... random

Well... I watched a music video on YouTube today. It was… cheesy. But it was a power metal band so I expected that much. Lyrics about some WWI battle... lol. Vocals were strong, and the guitar solo before the bridge was very well done. I asked Jacob if he could get me some of the band (Sabaton or something, European Power Metal)

And what else… I’ve played some Diablo 2 and DotA I swear someday I’ll beat 3 easy AIs with Pit Lord… but it wasn’t this time. Actually, it was kinda my fault as I let the mid lane go to long without my support, trying madly to push the other lanes to the enemy base didn’t work… -_-. Plus, Slayer is really hard to face… three friggin nukes… THREE THREE I TELL YOU one of which STUNS.

Add Panda and some random hero I can’t remember made my job difficult. I managed to get Battlefury and Buzi before I lost though. : )

Dead Space… its good. Going slowly, but I might play it tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Break is next week… but I’m not sure how much time I will actually get off… I have Papers to write and math stuff to catch up on. I should get at least a few half-days and Thursday off.

Church is good, crazy but good… I feel like I run around all Friday get up at 7, go to church, go to church AGAIN, go to the club, come home… I’ve mostly ignored the 2nd service… I just go to see my friends. I miss worship and I’ve heard the sermon at the previous service. I’m thankful for my cellphone, which has cool games and music. :D

Roleplaying… we’re set to go. I have my intro and adventure set up for my party and my party is complete.

Julius – Dante, the Tiefling Warlord
Jacob – Human Fighter
Michael – Eladrin Rogue… forget his name, awesome character though. ;)
Naomi – Human Wizard no name (yet). She’s gonna start in Debt… which means I get to harass her with Lone Sharks. *evil smile*

They will be in a big city (no name… I’ll throw something together) as members of the militia. They will hunting down rat men in the sewers in proper fashion. I like rats. They cause disease *evil smile*

What else… well not much really. I’m enjoying life. Latin is hard, Programming is hard, Adv. Comp is hard. Chemistry is hard. But what is new?


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