Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dead Space and other things

Dead Space is… amazing. It’s not really epic, but its darn cool. B)

The scary part has lost itself on me. I’ve gotten used to the monsters jumping out and trying to eat my face. The battles are instense though, because well… I’m up against zombie-beings and I don’t have a shotgun… just a plasma cutter and some sort of auto-gun thing.

Oh well… it’s still really fun. I have a feeling I’m about to fight some sort of boss, as the same seems to be building towards something. I’m not sure what though.

Also, my new cellphone is amazing. I like it. :D

What else… I’m working on starting a Face-to-face group again. Well… it’s the same group, but we haven’t done much since summer. So now, I have 4 definant PCs.

Julius will play a “thin only wears black” Tiefling Warlord (who will probably end up being greedy and self-centered, and very cool)

Jacob will play a human fighter who is a wise emo (the emowiser they call him. :D)

Naomi is going to play a human wizard who will start on the run from debtors.

Michael is going to play this really cool character: an Eladrin rogue. He duel wields a katar and a longsword. He uses shuriken (ninja stars) for ranged combat and is amazing. I like him in general.

They will start in a city, and quickly get thrown in jail. It’s a cheap GM trick, but it gives them a reason to get together and start working together. Otherwise, well, it might be hard to get them to work together. :P

And that is all I think of… Latin is hard, Programming is fun, English is normal somehow… I’m not sure, Chemistry is -_- and Math is meh… nothing else to report.

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