Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well I now have a laptop cooler. I think its helping with my overheating issues... I'm glad I have it in any case.

And what else have I done in the meantime? I've started ANOTHER medieval total war II game this time on the hard setting... its harder for sure. I'm France, and I've only just gone to war with England... and its going very slow. I have no money (NO MONIES!!!!!) and thats very bad. Knights and spear men are expensive (armored sergeants are like... 500 florins+ and Knights are about the same price), a decent army needs like 2 units of knights and at least three sergeant spearmen squads, plus some archers. Also... I went on a crusade. I did it for the money and stuff (its kinda funny, but for an army that has access to south france or spain, or any coastal area in south europe/north africa its really easy to conquer Jerusalem... plus crusader military units are CHEAP like 200 for a squad of knights) that hasn't turned out TO well. I have a ton of priests doing their job to convert the masses... but I lost Jerusalem to riots. :( I'm at war with Egypt and that... isn't fun. I can hold my own (damacus and Arce) but thats really about it.

Oh, and I went ahead and conquered Scotland. Its kinda funny how you can do stupid things like that... in two battles I destoryed the Scottish people. Next stop... ireland! Oh, and I need to kick the English out of Mainland Europe... :D

I haven't done much else this week or last... besides thanksgiving of course. So that's about all I have to say.

edit: Its now December... dang... everything goes so fast in this world!

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