Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Update and stuff

I’m back in Texas, which means I’m back in a stable location. This is a good thing.

Now… my trip is nearing an end, I have many things I need to do.

1. Figure out how to pack 40k, RPGs, and the like

2. Order last 40k and paints

3. Buy random stuff

Yep… that’s my list… anyways…

My fantasy world is going great! I have a good bit of info set up and hopefully I can start finishing up some cities soon. Right now I have four locations that I need to build on

NYC – Gang infested land

Mumbai – City of Wolfs

The Great Plains of America – Biker Gangs and Rogue Vamps/Wolves

The Valley of the Dead - Not much…

Ya… so that’s what I’m doing with that. Also, working on how an RPG system would work with this place. I’m think how a dice pool system would work, probably using a D6s or D10s, leaning towards the D10 since it’s an easier number generator… but the D6 is more common…

If I don’t use a Dice Pool system I’ll probably end up using a Percentile system. I like the tactical nature of a Dice Pool.

Wait… what is a dice pool you ask? Well I’ll give an example.

I’m in a fight and I chop a guy with my axe. My axe chopping comes from my strength. Let’s say I have a strength of 5, which means I can role 5 strength dice before I run out of dice. So I could role on die every round or 5 dice in one round or any combination thereof. After that, I need to wait until I get my dice back. This can happen in a vartiety of different ways. Right now I’m thinking a stat that effects the speed of which you gain your dice back. Something like Luck or Fortune… and for every point of Luck you get your dice back faster. Something like this:

Luck 0 – You never regenerate your dice. You are as good as dead.

Luck 1 – You regenerate one die per stat per day. You have bad luck, watch out!

Luck 2 – You regenerate 2 dice per stat per day. You do not have good luck, be wary.

Luck 3 – You regenerate 1 die per stat per hour. You have average luck.

Luck 4 – You regenerate 2 dice per stat per hour. You are lucky, the goods smile on you.

Luck 5 – You regenerate 3 dice per stat per hour. Your luck is above average, you can afford to be careless.

Luck 6 – You regenerate 4 dice per stat per hour. Your luck is expetional, your life will be long.

Luck 7 – You regenerate 5 dice per stat per hour. Your luck is akin to that of the God of Luck Himself!

Luck 8 – You regenerate 1 die per stat per minute. You are a god!

After that you just keep adding dice, so luck of 9 is 2 dice per stat per minute and Luck of 10 is 3 dice per stat per minute and so on.

I like this system because it makes the players think, how should I use my dice? Basically, you will only have as many dice as your dice pool is at max for one round of combat. So a Strength of 5 character will only have 5 dice before he needs to rely on a secondary skill. Some powers could borrow dice from other stats perhaps…

Anyways… I’m going to go brainstorm. If you want to comment, do so here.

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