Friday, April 4, 2008


Well… life is good.

My bro got a Wii. Yes, I still want an Xbox 360… but a Wii is good I guess. It’s fun so far… besides, I still have a PC… so I’m good. Right now we just have Wii Sports, which is fun for some random enjoyment. We’re working on getting a WORKING (as in, our copy doesn’t work!) copy of Zelda and perhaps Metroid Prime Corruption or Fire Emblem for the Wii too… all good stuff…

Also I had Medieval Total War II: Gold Edition! YES! TOTAL WAR!!!!! I WILL CONQUER ALL!!!!

Okay… real me is back… :D. My insane side got lose for a bit to long… :p. Total War… you must know what this is? Turn-Based 3D (for Rome Total War and Medieval Total War II, the previous titles are a 2D map) map, 3D real-time large scale battles? Managing empires as you conquer all who oppose you in time periods of Total War? Assassinating enemy generals and faction heirs and then swooping in for the kill? Making alliances with factions and then destroying a common enemy, only to then turn on your weakened neighbor/ally? That my friends is Total War.

So yes, I am England, I’m currently conquering Wales and France, and after that I think I’ll go ahead and take Ireland and try killing the Vikings. If that fails… well… Scotland looks really nice.

In other news… I should be holiday soon, fun, fun.

Demonhunter rocks. Metalcore rocks. Rapcore Rocks.

Hmm… the above… what does it mean? Well… I’ve been “acquiring” music for the past… umm… few months. Some of it I’ve actually bought, the rest my relatives have given me. So I now have a lot of music, all the good real stuff… metal/rock/raprock


Most of POD

Storm the Gates of Hell – Demonhunter (amazing band!!!!)

Some Pillar

Skillet – Comatose (another amazing band!)

Most of Switchfoot

Hmm… that’s the best that I’ve gotten.

So… on with life

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