Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Update

Wow… I haven’t blogged in a LONG time…

HAPPY EASTER! I guess that’s the first thing that’s in order, since Easter was yesterday. It was a good Easter, right now I’m with the Pilong Von Alfred family, and its rather fun. CJ (17, male) is, as always, awesome. Cherith (8, Female) is wow… really grown up and Lindsay (15?, Female) is cool I guess… I dunno… haven’t really talked to her.

So… what have I done whilst here? Lol… I just used whilst… rofl… anyways... back on topic. First off, I got all of POD’s albums, plus a few other bits of stuff, I’ll work on getting some more music later. Second off, I went to Church with the Pilongs, very interesting service. Really good worship… and the sermon was decent. I’d go again for sure.

What else? I was with the Garrets last week… with my cousins Mikey (6, Male) Joey (3 or 4, Male) and Jacob/Jakey (2, Male). They are something else… Mikey is the only six year old I know who has the word “dude” in his vocabulary. Joey is really cute, as is Jacob.

Also, I’ve pursued my GM’s handbook for Fireborn and I have a pretty good idea of how I’d run a campaign for my PCs if I do. Lol, it’ll be interesting seeing which ruleset we use for our Rps in Dhaka… 40krpg, WFRP, or Fireborn? Fantasy, Cyber Punk, or Modern+Magic? Low-born heroes? Servants of the Inquisiton? Or Dragons Reborn?

Oh… POD definitely rocks.

Anyways… fantasy world is going good, got two decent pieces of fiction going. One is set near what is now New Delhi, India, the other in New York City.

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